Hardware Pioneers 2022: Edge Impulse Show Us Just How Easy EdgeAI can Be

We are no strangers to Edge Impulse here at Electromaker and some of the coolest community projects we've seen use the platform to great effect. At Hardware Pioneers 2022, we chatted with Jenny Plunkett, Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Edge Impulse, about what Edge Impulse Studio can do on… well, pretty much every kind of hardware you can imagine.

Alongside the high variety of microcontrollers and low-power boards on display, they also were showing off an object detection system using the OpenMV camera - the same EdgeAI device Electromaker Community member shakhizat used to great effect in their Pothole Detection using FOMO project.

If you haven't tried Edge Impulse yet, it's worth trying it out. No matter what hardware you have, there are well-documented examples and tutorials to get you going, and it's all no-code making it incredibly easy even for those just starting out.

To find out more, head to the Edge Impulse website

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