Hardware Pioneers 2022: Digi brings Connectivity to all Form Factors

At Hardware Pioneers 2022, we spoke with Digi Field Applications Engineer Joe Hill about their range of XBEE modules for wireless connectivity. The range covers various protocols, including NB-IoT/CAT-M, 3G and 4G modules, and GNSS and BLE among others.

Each unit can work as a standalone module and are highly configurable to different bandwidths and use cases. They are also equally well suited to being controlled via AT commands over UART, making it easy to drop them into already existing designs to add cellular or other capabilities.

What makes these Digi modules such a good choice for development is the way they've been designed with form factor and PCB space in mind. The Micromount module can be used alone, but is also available embedded into a castellated SMT board. This, in turn, fits neatly under the through-hole cellular board shown in the video above, meaning that it can all take up the same footprint on a PCB.

Easy to use, highly configurable wireless modules make prototyping much easier, and if you'd like to get started straight away we have the Digi XBee3 Cellular NBIOT and LTE-M board, the Digi Xbee Cellular 3G Global TH board, and the XBee3PRO,2.4 GhzZB 3.0 in both Micromount and SMT form factors in stock right now!

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