Cavli Wireless: Pioneering Integrated IoT Solutions - A Deep Dive from Hardware Pioneers 2023

At the recent Hardware Pioneers 2023 event, we had the opportunity to explore the innovative IoT solutions offered by Cavli Wireless, a new pioneer in the busy IoT space. Based in San Jose, California, Cavli Wireless is offering an integrated One-Stop shop solution for customers keen on getting the hardware, connectivity, device management, and services all in one place.

C-Series IoT Modules

Cavli Wireless offers a variety of products, but the focus of our conversation was on three of their standout offerings: the C16QS, C41QS, and C42GM. The C16QS is a low-cost Qualcomm platform based on the QCX216. It is one of the most cost-competitive products in the market, and Cavli offers it as a European, Latin American, North American, or global SKU. The product can come with or without Genesis and eSIM, and can also be enabled with Cavli cloud connectivity platform.

The C41QS is one of the smallest NB-IoT products in the world, based on the Qualcomm QCX212. This product can be connected to Cavli's cloud and has the ability to connect millions of devices using NB-IoT technology.


The C42GM, another Qualcomm product based on MDM9205, offers global connectivity. It's a single product that can be shipped anywhere in the world, with 2G fallback and all the bells and whistles like eSIM, Genesis, and cloud connectivity. In the next few months, Cavli plans to enable this product with satellite connectivity, creating a bi-directional communication platform for your product, whether it's on land or sea.


The Cavli Hubble

Cavli Wireless also offers a comprehensive cloud connectivity solution called The Cavli Hubble. Their platform includes device management, data plan management, group management, and messaging services. They also provide over-the-air updates and the ability to remotely monitor and control a fleet of devices.


For those interested in exploring Cavli Wireless's offerings, the company recommends purchasing their evaluation kits for all of their modules. This allows customers to test the module itself and the connectivity platform.


For more information about Cavli Wireless and their innovative IoT solutions, visit their official website here:

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