Stacuity's programmable SIM is your passport to your own slice of the global mobile network

Stacuity, a new player in the IoT cellular space, is transforming the way developers and businesses interact with mobile networks. Their revolutionary programmable mobile core network is designed with developers in mind, offering unprecedented control and flexibility.

Unlike traditional IoT cellular providers that control network communication, Stacuity empowers users with the ability to dictate how their devices communicate. With Stacuity's SIM card, devices connect directly to the user's software, allowing them to control traffic, security, and integration without any involvement from the operator.

One of the standout features of Stacuity's service is the ability to create 'slices' or independent logical networks. This feature enhances security by isolating traffic and allows for the creation of unique connectivity policies for different endpoint groups.

Stacuity's solution is globally applicable, thanks to their partnerships with various operators. Their SIM cards connect to the closest packet gateway, ensuring minimized latency. Moreover, the slicing and security features work across all generations of SIM cards, from 2G to 5G.

For those interested in exploring Stacuity's offerings, the best way to start is by purchasing a SIM from thier website, checking out the documentation and API, and start to experiment.

To learn more about Stacuity, visit their website here:

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