Exploring WiFi Over LoRaWAN with Andreas Spiess: Key Insights

Andreas Spiess delves into the fascinating concept of using LoRaWAN for WiFi, specifically discussing the use of HaLow. This technology leverages the strengths of LoRaWAN bands to extend WiFi capabilities. However, it's important to note some legal constraints, especially in the EU where using American kits might infringe on mobile phone frequency bands, potentially leading to legal repercussions. Andreas thoroughly examines these issues and guides on selecting the right equipment to ensure compliance and optimal performance.

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Practical Applications and Testing

Andreas Spiess's video is a treasure trove of information for anyone interested in this technology. He not only explains the theoretical aspects but also demonstrates practical applications and performance testing. This includes detailed instructions on setting up the equipment and conducting tests to evaluate the performance of WiFi over LoRaWAN in various environments, including its ability to penetrate dense materials like thick Swiss walls and its range over long distances on different frequency bands.

Product Recommendations and Legal Considerations

To get started with WiFi over LoRaWAN, Andreas provides recommendations on the products that can be used. These include specific kits that are legally compliant in different regions. He emphasizes the importance of selecting the correct equipment to avoid any legal issues, offering a guide on how to identify and purchase the right products.

For a comprehensive understanding and step-by-step guidance on using WiFi over LoRaWAN, Andreas Spiess's video is an invaluable resource. His methodical approach and thorough testing provide a clear path for enthusiasts and professionals alike to explore this innovative technology without falling foul of regulations.

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