Rak Wireless: Pioneering IoT Solutions at Hardware Pioneers 2023

At the Hardware Pioneers Max 2023 event, Electromaker had the opportunity to explore the innovative IoT solutions offered by Rak Wireless. Gavin from Rak Wireless introduced us to their comprehensive range of products, from infrastructure to individual modules, all designed to build a wireless network using the LoRaWAN protocol.

Rak Wireless is a leading LoRaWAN Gateway provider, manufacturing the necessary hardware and infrastructure for long-range, low-power wireless networks. They also offer modules and relevant hardware to build IoT node devices, the sensors that use the network.

One of the standout products is the WisBlock, a modular hardware platform that allows you to build your own IoT hardware node device. Described as "Lego for IoT hardware", the Wis Block range includes over 100 modules that can be clicked together to create a prototype piece of hardware.

Wizblock - Rak Wireless

The WisBlock is not just a development tool; it's also suitable for commercial deployment. The modules are mechanically fixed together, ensuring they don't separate simialr to an Arduino Shield. This makes the Wis Block a cost-effective solution for IoT solutions that can't justify manufacturing a node in large quantities.

Rak Wireless also offers a range of modular IoT enclosures designed with IoT in mind. These enclosures come with a modular mounting system that can be attached to various surfaces, from poles to industrial racks.

Wizblock kit

To get started with Rak Wireless, Gavin recommends purchasing one of their WiS Block kits. These kits are use case specific, allowing you to dive right into the world of IoT.

For more information about Rak Wireless and their innovative IoT solutions, visit their website: www.rakwireless.com

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