Introducing the Qoitech's Battery Profiling Wizard at Embedded World 2024

Joining us at Embedded World 2024 is Qiotech which has established itself as a leader in the area of power profiling technology with its comprehensive product line designed to meet the diverse needs of hardware developers. Among its flagship offerings are the Otti Ace, Otti Arc, and Otti Ace Pro. Each of these products embodies Qiotech's commitment to innovation, designed to facilitate detailed analysis and optimization of power consumption in electronic projects.

Introducing the Battery Wizard

At the heart of Qiotech's latest innovations is the Battery Wizard, a groundbreaking tool designed to revolutionize the way developers approach battery profiling. This advanced solution serves a critical need in the development process by offering a more accessible and efficient method for analyzing and optimizing battery usage within electronic devices. Its introduction marks a significant milestone in battery technology, providing developers with the means to achieve detailed insights into battery performance and behavior.


The Battery Wizard simplifies the complex process of generating battery emulation profiles. Traditionally, creating these profiles required extensive knowledge and resources, limiting this crucial activity to a small segment of the developer community. However, with the Battery Wizard, developers can now easily measure current consumption in both active and sleep modes of their devices, select the appropriate battery chemistry, and input specific parameters. The tool then automatically generates a battery profile, drastically reducing the time and effort involved in this process. This democratization of battery profiling enables a broader range of developers to optimize their projects for better energy efficiency and longevity, ultimately leading to more sustainable and user-friendly products.


Qiotech's Comprehensive Power Profiling Solutions

While the Battery Wizard represents a significant advancement in battery profiling, it is but one aspect of Qiotech's broader suite of power profiling solutions. Central to this suite is the Otti Ace series, a lineup of hardware tools designed for a comprehensive analysis of power consumption across electronic devices. These products are engineered to cater to a wide range of power profiling needs, from the analysis of low-power IoT devices to high-power industrial machinery, offering unmatched versatility and precision.

The ability to measure power consumption across such a wide dynamic range is pivotal for developers, particularly in the firmware development area. The Otti Ace series facilitates this by enabling the measurement of current from the single-digit nanoamps range up to 5 amps, covering virtually all conceivable use cases within the electronics industry. This capability allows developers to precisely identify and optimize power consumption patterns, leading to firmware that is not only more energy-efficient but also better tailored to the operational realities of the device it powers. The integration of UART log output synchronization further enhances this process, enabling developers to directly correlate power consumption spikes or anomalies with specific firmware operations, significantly streamlining the troubleshooting and optimization process.

Qiotech Otti Ace Pro

The unveiling of the Battery Wizard by Qiotech, which will be available in the near future, marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of battery profiling, bringing this crucial technology within reach of a broader spectrum of developers and makers. Its role in democratizing battery profiling cannot be overstated, as it opens up new avenues for innovation and efficiency in project development. The Battery Wizard exemplifies Qiotech's commitment to supporting the development community by providing tools that enhance the capability to create sustainable, energy-efficient projects.


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