Feasycom's Innovative IoT Modules Unveiled at Hardware Pioneers Max 2023

At the Hardware Pioneers Max 2023 event, we met Howard Wu from Feasycom, a leading brand in the IoT industry, showcased a comprehensive range of IoT modules, including innovative Bluetooth tracking devices and long-range antennas. The brand's offerings are designed to cater to various industries, including retail inventory management, hospitality, and smart home applications.

Feasycom's Bluetooth tracking devices are equipped with short and long-distance clients, some of which are waterproof, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. These devices are used for tracking assets, analysing guest behaviour, and even in rescue missions.

Feasycom's IoT modules are not limited to Bluetooth technology. They also support the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology and are working on Wi-Fi 7. The brand offers a comprehensive product line for Bluetooth dual mode, classic plus low energy mode, and Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth. They also have other product lines like 5G LTE combined with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

One of the standout features of Feasey's offerings is the ability to customise both firmware and hardware. This end-to-end support empowers users to adapt to specific business needs, making Feasycom a comprehensive IoT solution provider.

For more information about Feasycom's solutions, visit their website here: www.feasycom.com

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