The Arduino GIGA Display Shield has been announced!

The Arduino GIGA Display Shield was announced this week which will be welcomed by anyone who is working on a  GIGA R1 WiFi project. It boasts a 3.97" RGB touchscreen, digital microphone, six-axis IMU, camera connector, and RGB LED, ideal for developing intuitive and interactive handheld devices or dashboards.

Its seamless integration, automatic graphics adjustment, and diverse input options, including audio commands and computer vision, make it a versatile tool in IoT development. The shield's design ensures additional expansion capabilities, promising a blend of innovation and functionality for makers.

Equipped with a 3.97" RGB touchscreen and additional sensory features, the shield transforms the GIGA R1 WiFi into a versatile tool for creating handheld devices and interactive dashboards. It's an innovation that bridges the gap between advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces.

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Background: The Arduino Giga R1 WiFi

The Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi is a dual-core STM32H7 microcontroller that pairs seamlessly with the GIGA Display Shield, offering a powerful combination for IoT development. This dynamic duo facilitates the creation of handheld devices and dashboards characterised by intuitive interfaces and cutting-edge technology.

With advanced connectors including USB-A, a 3.5-mm audio jack, and a camera, the GIGA R1 WiFi simplifies complex projects, making the development of visual installations, home automation systems, or even building your own synth, more accessible. The shield is fully compatible with the GIGA R1 WiFi, ensuring that users can fully utilise the 54 available pins, enhancing its adaptability and functionality.

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Unveiling the Arduino Giga Display Shield

The Arduino Giga Display Shield emerges as a versatile tool, boasting a 3.97" RGB touchscreen, elevating the interactive capabilities of IoT projects. Compared to other Arduino products, its compact yet feature-rich design stands out, offering a balanced blend of size and functionality.

Equipped with a variety of sensor options, including a digital microphone and a six-axis IMU, the shield promises adaptability and innovation, ready to cater to a diverse range of applications and projects.

Technical Specifications

The shield features a 3.97-inch 480x800 RGB touchscreen, offering crisp visuals and responsive touch controls. It's equipped with an in-built MEMS microphone for audio input, a Bosch 6-axis IMU for motion tracking, and a camera connector for visual data capture.

Additionally, the inclusion of RGB LED functionalities adds a visual appeal and interactive element, making the shield a comprehensive solution for diverse IoT applications.

  • KD040WVFID026-01-C025A 3.97" TFT display
    • 480x800 resolution
    • 16.7 million colors
    • 0.108mm pixel size
    • Capacitive touch sensor
    • 5-point and gesture support
    • Edge LED backlight
  • BMI270 6-axis IMU (accelerometer and gyroscope)
    • 16-bit
    • 3-axis accelerometer with ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g range
    • 3-axis gyroscope with ±125dps/±250dps/±500dps/±1000dps/±2000dps range
    • Common anode
    • IS31FL3197-QFLS2-TR driver with integrated charge pump
  • MP34DT06JTR digital microphone
    • AOP = 122.5dbSPL
    • 64dB signal-to-noise ratio
    • Omnidirectional sensitivity
    • –26dBFS ± 3dB sensitivity
  • I/O
    • GIGA connector
    • 2.54mm camera connector

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Applications and Use Cases

The Arduino Giga Display Shield is ideal for creating DIY tablets, interactive dashboards, and kiosks, thanks to its responsive touchscreen and audio input capabilities. The integrated MEMS microphone and other features enhance its versatility, making it a go-to solution for a variety of innovative and interactive projects.

Thanks to its advanced connectors and design, the Arduino Giga Display Shield integrates effortlessly with the GIGA R1 WiFi. The shield's placement and compatibility with additional shields ensure that expansion and customisation are straightforward and user-friendly.

The shield has stirred excitement in the community, sparking a wave of innovative projects. While some discussions focus on the price point, the value proposition, enriched by its advanced features and seamless integration, underscores its appeal to both novice and seasoned makers.

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Support and Resources

Enthusiasts can turn to the Arduino Blog and other resources for insights and guidance. The community is encouraged to delve into the features of the shield, share their projects, and provide feedback to enrich the collective learning experience.

The Arduino Giga Display Shield stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of IoT development. Makers are encouraged to leverage its advanced features, explore its potential, and contribute to a growing repository of innovative applications and projects.

You can purchase the Arduino GIGA Display Shield from the Electromaker Store!

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