Embedded World 2023: Silicon Labs Showcases Their Matter Demo

The embedded systems industry is abuzz with the latest breakthrough in IoT connectivity - Matter and Thread. These two technologies are becoming increasingly important, with more and more people taking them up and coming up with easy-to-use solutions for utilizing them in the wild. And Silicon Labs is no exception. At Embedded World 2023, they showcased their Matter demo, and we had the chance to speak with Joshua from Silicon Labs to learn more about it.

Silicon Labs demonstrated their ICS that supports Matter over Thread and Matter over Wi-Fi. On display were two development kits, one for a lock and one for a blind, running examples. Also, two development kits were running light switch demos, all connected to a standard Google Home and the Google Home app. From the user's point of view, it's all the same - they can turn things on and off without knowing whether they are using Thread or Wi-Fi.

The demo is meant to showcase Silicon Labs' product, which is intended for and designed to be a single-chip Matter solution. For engineers wanting to start building their own systems using Matter and Thread, Silicon Labs offers evaluation kits that can be found on their website. While some products, such as the recently announced SiWx917, are not yet readily available, the EFR32MG12, WF200, and EFR32MG24 are available for purchase.

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