Embedded World 2023: Introducing Golioth - Your Instant Cloud for IoT Device Management

At Embedded World 2023, we visited the Golioth stand, which offers a device management cloud solution for the Internet of Things (IoT). Golioth allows companies to easily update their devices, securely record data, and control them remotely, which frees up time for companies to focus on innovation. This platform works great with devices that are cellular, Wi-Fi, using Ethernet, or even Thread!

One of the devices that Golioth is showcasing at their stand is a power monitor. If you have a refrigerator and you're wondering how much it costs to run, a power monitor can help. By using a current clamp around one of the lines in your breaker box, the monitor can tell you when the refrigerator is on, how much power it's using, and more. Golioth's platform works with DC power, and they have even mapped out a fan to demonstrate how it works. If something is wrong, Golioth can send an alarm to let you know.

Golioth's cloud platform is designed to make it easier for people who are good at building hardware and people who are good at visualizing, analyzing, and manipulating data to work together. The platform takes care of the glue in the middle so that people who are good at building hardware can build it and get the data out easily, and people who are good at visualizing, analyzing, and manipulating data can put it on apps.

Zephyr (checkout our interview with Zephyr here) is one of the SDKs that Golioth supports, which allows you to go back and forth between different types of hardware. For example, if you are using a cellular modem today but want to use a Wi-Fi motor tomorrow, you can switch without changing your C code. Zephyr takes care of the abstraction on the hardware. This allows Golioth to offer reference designs that can be built for AC power monitoring and then, through the magic of Zephyr, be able to switch to DC and largely leave the rest of the code unchanged.

If you're interested in using GolGoliothath today, you can find them at golioth.io. They offer a free Dev tier that allows you to get up to 50 devices running on your fleet free of charge. While there is a learning curve to using Zephyr, Golioth believes that it's worth it and you should give it a try.

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