Hardware Pioneers 2022: u-blox Makes the IoT Easy

At Hardware Pioneers 2022, a huge IoT event in London, England, we stopped by to chat with Lee Stacey from u-blox about what they offer and why they are a perfect all-in-one solution for Internet of Things projects of all complexities.

A nice touch here is that despite there being some programmable aspects, most of the u-blox line works via AT commands via UART, making them easy to integrate into almost any project.

Lee explains how u-blox has designed its product line to fit into almost any IoT design. They have modules and chips for long and short-range communication and positioning, along with development kits to try out the whole system. They also sell SIM cards that connect to over 600 networks worldwide and give access to their suite of cloud-based apps.

ublox dev board

It's easily scalable too, so it's perfect for Enterprise and Makers alike. After all, who knows where your project might end up in a few years? Head to the u-blox website to learn more about their development kits, and standalone modules.

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