Electronica 2022: GrabMax's Chess Playing Robot

At Electronica 2022, we noticed a robot arm playing chess against human opponents. Need we say more?

Actually, we should. What was on display at the GrabMax stand was a perfect example of what the Hungarian company offers. GrabMax provides the technology driving the robot arm. In fact, in the company's own words, it provides the eyes and brains to robots.

Chess Robot from GrabMax

In this example, the GrabMax camera above uses machine vision to identify all the chess pieces and the position of the chess clock. This information is then fed into a generic chess engine, which generates the next move before feeding that information to the robot.

We spoke with Bruno at the GrabMax stand about the project while making a few opening moves that will likely make experienced chess players cringe.

Bruno made it clear that while this demo was the perfect way to show the solutions that GrabMax can offer to automation, logistics, and storage systems, it is very much a demo and not something you can buy, so chess fans with disposable incomes will have to wait a little while!

Apart from showing off how dreadful my chess skills are, the demo highlighted what GrabMax specializes in. Quality Control, Machine Loading, Bin picking, Palletizing, and all other tasks that require high levels of visual recognition and AI-based control.

To learn more about GrabMax's solutions for AI-supported machinery, including their turnkey camera and detection hardware, head to the GrabMax website

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