Electronica 2022: The DEBIX Model A Is a Configurable Industry-Focused SBC

At Electronica 2022 we came across an SBC from a company we previously weren't familiar with. The DEBIX Model A was on display at the OKdo stand, one of their suppliers. The board itself is powerful, featuring a Quad-Core i.MX8 ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, along with configurable RAM and eMMC options. The board also features onboard Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Wifi, multiple options for expansion, and a configurable 40-pin breakout. 

We chatted with Paul from DEBIX  about the Model A, and the difference between it and other SBCs on the market today.

One notable thing about this board is its operating temperature. As Paul mentioned, the board is capable of operating in a wide temperature range. The shop listing actually quotes a range from -40 right up to 105 celsius for all components on the board.

Another interesting factor is customizability. At the time, I misunderstood what was possible - this isn't a board you can choose part for part, at least not in small numbers or bought from the OKdo shop. It is, however, a board that you can get designed exactly to your hardware and software spec if you contact OKdo and DEBIX directly.

We are used to SBCs being available in different variations with more RAM and storage, but when you scale up your operations, extra onboard parts you don't need are just wasteful additions that take up space. Also, if your SBC comes with Linux and you need an Android build, re-flashing thousands of units is no fun.

SBCs can vary greatly in quality, documentation, and customizability, and the DEBIX Model A looks like an interesting attempt to mitigate some of these issues. If you'd like to find out more, head to the Model A OKdo store page - we look forward to trying one out in the future!



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