Ready for the DiddyBorg v2 Robot Kit?

Available in two colours (purple for power, red for speed), the DiddyBorg v2 Robot Kit will take your Raspberry Pi on a ride it will never forget!

Retailing at £210 (Raspberry Pi not included), the DiddyBorg v2 is compatible with Raspberry Pi B and B+ boards (original, Pi 2, Pi 3, and Pi 3B+), and is a six-wheeled high-torque remote-controlled vehicle that presents you with a robot-as-platform dynamic. There is plenty of space here to expand the robot and have it fulfil the tasks you want, from object detection (ideal for automation) to mounting a servo.

In the kit, you’ll find a laser cut acrylic Perspex chassis, six 1:83 (100rpm) metal gear 12V 400mA PiBorg motors, plus a ThunderBorg 5A dual output motor controller, which includes LED indicator, power regulator and PWM control. You’ll also find an on/off switch, full instructions, and access to a code library and sample scripts.

Meanwhile, the Red edition features six upgraded 28mm 590rpm metal geared motors, for improved speed.

But once you’ve got your robot whizzing around, what can you do next? Well, the DiddyBorg v2 doesn’t only have mounts for sensors at the front and back; it also comes with a choice of top. The Multifunction Top offers mounting holes for servos, as well as mounting points for additional Raspberry Pis (including the Pi Zero W), or even an Arduino. Meanwhile, the Touch Top provides space for you to fit a Raspberry Pi 7” Touchscreen display into your robot build. An additional sensor mounting kit lets you add a second Raspberry Pi Camera Module and four ultrasonics sensors.

PiBorg has been producing top quality Raspberry Pi robots for a few years now, with the DiddyBorg v2 Robot Kit just the latest to be added to their catalogue. The site also lists MonsterBorg, an off-road robot vehicle.

In short, if you’re looking for a Raspberry Pi-based robot with guided building instructions, PiBorg is the place to start. It shouldn’t take long for you to start adapting the original for your own purposes…

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