OHBOT - The robot helping children with autism to communicate

You might have seen Ohbot Robot elsewhere as it is a product designed and manufactured in the UK, however, a research company in Italy has been experimenting with the Ohbot Robot to see if they can help children with autism practice their communication skills. The robot head is programmed using Scratch and in this example has responses programmed into it so when a user says something it will reply with predictable facial expressions and spoken answers. 

The current robots that are used in therapy sessions with children with autism are very expensive and therefore not accessible to low-income families. The Ohbot could be a great alternative as it only costs less than $150 (more sophisticated robots can cost thousands of dollars).

OHBOT - front perspective face on

The experiment with Ohbot Robot is still very much in its infancy as it has only been trialed with three children so far. Biosphaera is currently looking for psychologists, scientists, and teachers to give advice on the best way to program the robot to help autistic children. They are also looking for funding.

OHBOT - Heart lungs and brain

If you would like to reach out to the people involved with the project you can contact them on the Biosphaera website.

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