Electronica 2022: Actron Are Bringing a Standard to Embedded Displays

At Electronica 2022, we stopped by the Actron stand, attracted by their wall of bright displays of different sizes. One thing immediately caught our eye. Every display they had on show used an identical interface, slotting into a common breakout board. 

In a world of conflicting standards, this struck us as a fundamentally good idea. After all, having the footprint to support a number of different types of display allows for the addition of touch controls at a later stage in prototyping without a major design overhaul. 

We spoke with Daniel Müller, Actron Sales Manager, about their ACT I^3 range of displays and what makes them a great choice for embedded development.

Actron might not be a name well known outside of the German-speaking world, but they are a distribution company specializing in IPS and TN TFT displays of various sizes, featuring different sizes, backlight, and touch configurations.

Alongside the displays themselves, Actron also provides the Lizard development board - the black dev board you see under all the displays in the video. This is an STM32-based board designed to work with all boards in the ACT I^3 series, either as a standalone programming platform, or as a quick way to create a prototype GUI using a connected PC.

The board looks like a powerful display-focused development platform in its own right. You can find out more about Lizard on its official splash page [GERMAN]. To learn more about Actron's ACT I^3 display series, head to the ACT I^3 landing page [GERMAN].

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