NXP Cup Electromaker Innovation Challenge Winners Announced

Thank you to all of our dedicated NXP Cup participants! We were absolutely amazed at the number and quality of project submissions. Seeing the autonomous vehicle builds you invented proved inspirational to all of us here at Electromaker. When we opened up the NXP Cup Electromaker Innovation Challenge, we had high expectations and despite the current situation with COVID-19, those expectations were exceeded.

Building a self-driving car at home is challenging enough, but Electromaker NXP Cup participants were met with another obstacle: creating in the time of coronavirus. With social distancing measures in full-swing, an entirely new and unexpected hurdle was thrown into the making mix. Nevertheless, NXP Cup entrants were not deterred. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EMEA NXP Cup participants that entered the Electromaker Innovation Challenge overcame lockdowns and limitations to access technical labs, demonstrating that creativity remains well and alive in spite of social distancing. Those 10 student teams worked tirelessly with modest means developing project plans, coding, using 3D printers, and implementing their concepts to transform their NXP Cup car kits into functional vehicles.

This positive attitude exhibited by the 10 NXP Cup teams that signed up for the Electromaker Innovation Challenge showcases that lockdowns do not impact creativity and teamwork. They have successfully developed their autonomous vehicle projects, documented on Electromaker, along with code snippets, 3D modelling assets, and electronic schematics to respond to the various racing challenges put forward for the 8th season of the NXP Cup EMEA.

NXP Cup Electromaker Innovation Challenge Winners

1st place - Team VAXNA: Zooming in at first place with an incredible custom-built PCB, fantastic soldering job, and outstanding documentation, Team VAXNA did a top job!

vaxna nxp cup 2020

2nd place - Team rascar2020: Rounding the corner in second place is the fittingly-named Team rascar2020. Their use of 3D printed parts, a fan that added down-force to achieve better cornering speeds, and an ultrasonic sensor impressed us!

rascar nxp cup 2020

3rd place - Team witek117: And bringing it home with third place t is Team witek117 with their Knight Rider autonomous vehicle. For starters, we appreciated their car name, the Knightrider:kitty, a reference to the classic David Hasselhoff TV series “Knight Rider.” We loved their use of custom PIXY firmware and a laser on the front was a pleasant touch.

witek117 nxp cup 2020

Thanks to all of the NXP Cup teams, and to the entire Electromaker family! Now more than ever it’s important to maintain a sense of community and stay inspired and creative.

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