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NXP Cup Electromaker Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenge

* Please note: This contest is only open to NXP Cup competitors

The Electromaker Innovation Challenge is welcoming NXP Cup competitors the opportunity to win some great cash prizes by showing the world how they built their robot cars. We want you to show us the build process from start to finish using images, video, diagrams and of-course descriptive text.

Once you have submitted your project writeup to us, we will then pick the top 3 most innovative robots to win a cash prize. We will be looking for project creativity, project documentation and project completeness (more information on judging can be found here).

To get started, all you have to do is register for an Electromaker account using your team name. Once you have started planning your project, log into your account and start documenting what your team is doing.

Want to take part?

Expecto Autonomous - Building A Self-driving Rc-car

A small electric "autonomous" car that can travel unknown combinations on predetermined track parts and can solve numerous special tasks, such as avoiding obstacles or emergency braking. Main objective: taking part in the annual NXP-Cup.

Supersmart Autonomous Car (nxp Cup 2020)

Badass robot car developed by reasonably advanced monkeys

Make My Car Roll Alone

The purpose of this project is to make an autonomous car which is able to complete a specific track without human help. We are creating this car through both our electronics and programming skills.

Currus Futuristicus

We are participating in the NXP Cup, it’s a competition where we build and program an autonomous robotic car. We want to demonstrate that anybody with determination can learn to code, with the majority of the team having never coded before. We would like your support to demonstrate that anybody can do it.

Nxp Cup Project

The NXP Cup is a world wide competition where trio student teams build and program an autonomous model car to be raced on a track. The fastest one achieving one lap within its three attempts win the most points. There is also other tracks with various specificities, being part of optional extra disciplines.

Nxp Cup - Autonomous Racing Car

Autonomous cars are starting to rule world. So let's try to make our own and go to race!


Project Submissions open: Oct 7th 2019

Project Submissions close: April 30th 2020

Winners Announced: May 8th 2020

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