Giant Board SBC Contest Winners Announced!

The Giant Board SBC winners have been announced! Each contest that we hold, it seems as though the project submissions get better and better. That rings true of the Giant Board SBC concepts. Under normal circumstances, we’d have been extremely impressed. But considering the impact of COVID-19 on several levels, we’re absolutely astounded. Not even a pandemic can deter makers from showcasing their creativity and ingenuity. Your projects left us inspired.

A massive thank you to Microchip, Crowd Supply, and Groguard, as well as to each and every Giant Board SBC contest participant, plus our dedicated readers. And now, your feature presentation...THE WINNERS!

Giant Board SBC Contest Winners

1st Place - MIDI Sequencer Using Thermal Camera by Dillon1337 concocted a super cool MIDI sequencer with a thermal camera. There’s an 8x8 thermal image and TFT screen onboard. The thermal camera reads temperatures and musical notes are assigned to different temps such that songs corresponding to the temperature readings of objects. It’s a heap of fun!

2nd Place - Tracking Neighborhood Power Usage from the Sky by tehCoops - Now you don’t need the power company to read power meters! This Giant Board-powered device reads power usage, and wirelessly to boot. So you could attach this to a drone and view stats on the most power-hungry house on the block. A fantastic prototype, and one that we wouldn’t be shocked to see sold as an off-the-shelf solution one day.

3rd Place - Smart Thermostat by isaac-doyle-koch: One of the best smart home upgrades you can make is a smart thermostat. While you can buy loads of connected thermostats, it’s also possible to build your own. This nifty DIY smart home thermostat controls an array of different components including a window A/C unit, mini-split, and boiler. It’s complex but ridiculously well-documented, as in better than IKEA instructions. As such, it’s reproducible by any curious makers up to the task.

Thanks again to Microchip, Groguard, our Giant Board SBC contest participants, the winners, and everyone in our beloved Electromaker community! Check out the rest of the project submissions below!

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