RasPad 3.0 Video Unboxing and Review

The RasPad 3 is a case for the Raspberry Pi 4 that turns it into a functional tablet. It's a compelling idea, but how practical is it to use? At $219 with no included PI, it's not cheap, but it comes with a 10.1" multi-touch screen, onboard speakers, and a custom PCB designed to make it easy to install your Raspberry Pi.

This video review covers the experience of receiving and setting up the RasPad 3 and using it for various tasks. You'll hear what we liked about it, and some of the things that need a little work.

We'll be giving the RasPad 3 away as a prize in an upcoming Electromaker Show, so keep an eye on the Electromaker YouTube channel!

If you would like to buy a RasPad 3, you can purchase one from the link below.

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