DOOM on SparkFun Thing Plus: Silicon Labs' SoCs in Action

In a remarkable display of ingenuity, the iconic game DOOM has been successfully ported to run on the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter. This feat, achieved using Silicon Labs' EFR32MG24 series of Wireless SoCs, is a fantastic example of the evolving capabilities of microcontrollers in modern computing.

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Technical Breakdown of the DOOM Port

The SparkFun Thing Plus Matter, a versatile and powerful development board, serves as the foundation for this innovative project. Its robust features and compatibility with various microcontrollers make it an ideal choice for complex applications like running DOOM.

Multiplayer Doom on the Sparkfun Thing Plus Matter Board
Multiplayer Doom on the Sparkfun Thing Plus Matter Board

Central to this achievement is the use of Silicon Labs' EFR32MG24 series of Wireless SoCs. These SoCs provide the necessary computing power and efficiency to handle the demands of a high-performance game, underscoring their role as a pivotal component in the project's success.

The challenges of porting DOOM to a microcontroller were manifold, but the results are impressive. Key achievements include:

  • High-resolution gameplay, showcasing the graphical capabilities of the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter and the EFR32MG24 SoCs.
  • Integration of the original sound, maintaining the game's authentic audio experience on a microcontroller platform.
  • Implementation of multiplayer capabilities, a significant feat that adds a new dimension to gameplay and demonstrates advanced use of wireless communication technologies.

The Evolution of Microcontroller Applications

Running a game like DOOM, which once required the computing power of early PCs, on a microcontroller platform, is a clear indicator of how far this technology has come. It challenges the conventional understanding of microcontrollers' limitations and opens up a world of possibilities for similar high-performance applications in a compact form factor.

But can it run Doom?
But can it run Doom? The nostalgia is real!

We encourage the Electromaker community to draw inspiration from this project. It's a vivid reminder that with creativity, skill, and the right tools, the possibilities are endless. We look forward to seeing the innovative projects our community will undertake and don't forget - every project writeup that gets submitted to our project hub automatically gets entered into our monthly Electromaker of the Month competition!

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