Engineering Marvel: Exploring Ivan Miranda's 3D Printed Marble Clock Project

Ivan Miranda's Ingenious 3D Printed Marble Clock: A Marvel of Engineering

Ivan Miranda, known for his colossal 3D prints and innovative designs, has yet again captivated the tech community with his latest creation: a 3D printed marble clock. This project, showcased on his YouTube channel, exemplifies the blend of art and engineering.


Miranda's approach to 3D printing is not just about scale but also about pushing the boundaries of what's possible with the technology. His previous works range from go-karts to fully operational giant 3D printer diggers, but this marble clock is a step above.

Technical Brilliance Behind the Marble Clock

The clock features various shoots for marbles, which are meticulously controlled to display the time. This process involves marbles being carried up a ladder-like mechanism and then guided into the correct position to indicate the time. Achieving this required ingenious engineering solutions, particularly for sorting and positioning the marbles accurately.

Ivan Miranda's Incredible Marble MachineWhat Ian discuss Ivan Miranda's Incredible Marble Machine 

One of the critical components of this system is the use of solenoids, which are used to shoot the marbles into place. Miranda experimented with different methods to detect the colour of the marbles, eventually settling on infrared detection. The precision needed in this project highlights the complexity and skill required in such a large-scale 3D printing endeavour.

Ivan Miranda's YouTube channel 

If you are impressed by the marble clock project, then go and check out the other videos on Ivan Miranda's YouTube channel. His whole channel offers a deep dive into the world of 3D printing, showcasing projects that range from functional to fantastical. His channel is a treasure trove for those passionate about 3D printing, am im sure Ian will be featuring his creations on the Elecromaker show again soon!

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