Best Up and Coming YouTube Channels to Learn 3D Printing

3D printing offers loads of utility and fun. With a 3D printing and the right tools for the job, you can design and print useful objects such as Raspberry Pi cases, create your own miniatures, and more. If you're keen to learn 3D printing basics, many websites such as Yeggi, Thingiverse, and Cults offer free, 3D printable designs plus tutorials and troubleshooting. Plus, you'll find many top-notch 3D printing YouTube channels. However, aside from well-known and established YouTube channels, many budding makers exist. Check out the best up and coming YouTube channels to learn 3D printing!

1. Inside the Mind of Matt

Maker and 3D printing buff Matt built his first 3D printer which kicked off hit 3D printing journey. Since then, he's built a handful of 3D printers, and expanded his do-it-yourself (DIY) journey into metal casting as well. As Matt explains, he's been bitten by the 3D printing bug. His channel features tutorials, reviews, and even event coverage. Many of Matt's videos highlight the ideation process completely, from an idea to a prototype. Not only are his videos informative, but they're also entertaining as well. I highly enjoyed Matt's collaboration with A Skewed View 3D with a PLA aluminum casing of Raphael's sai. Join Matt's almost 4K YouTube followers 

2. Ethan Makes

While the vast majority of makers online are adults, kids are increasingly interested in STEM, particularly the maker space. Ethan of Ethan Makes is an inspiration to us all. On his channel, Ethan provides tutorials for 3D printing such as creating and testing a Batarang and sheath prototype. He chronicles the entire process, from a print job in CURA to sending it to a 3D printer, and time lapses. Notably, when issues arise, Ethan documents those, and as any maker knows, mistakes are essential occurrences and should be documented rather than ignored. Subscribe to his channel for fantastic, unique 3D printing content.  

3. HackMonkey 

For a deep dive into 3D printing, check out HackMonkey. In a few clicks, you'll be watching awesome 3D printing YouTube videos focusing on the likes of replacing Ender 3 XT60 connectors, building and reviewing the FLSun QQ-S Delta 3D printer, and a variety of other topics. Subscribe to their growing channel for some of the most underrated 3D printing content you can stream!

4. Fun King 3D

The aptly-named Fun King 3D, comprised of Glenn and Xander features largely electronics and 3D printing. Self-professed maker Glenn sought to delve into 3D printing, and wanted his son Xander to dabble in the art of 3D printing as well. Thus spawned Fun King 3D. Here, you'll find a smattering of superb projects including how to install OctoPi on the Raspberry Pi, printer reviews, Maker Box unboxing videos, and more. 

5. Potent Printables

Ali runs Potent Printables, a channel dedicated to designing and printing various objects. This fantastic 3D printing-focused YouTube channel features 3D printers, 3D pens, design, and more. It's a fantastic voyage into 3D printing with nifty DIY projects such as how to make a teenage Groot head, an Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet USB drive, and a Heart Tree from "Game of Thrones." Not only is Potent Printables full of neat content, but it's a veritable treasure trove of pop culture DIY material. 

6. 3D Printing World

What better place to look for 3D printing videos than by entering 3D Printing World? John runs this channel chock full of high-quality videos including a "Minecraft" night light lithophane, 3D printed collapsing swords, and a Mulbot 3D printed 3D printer for a meta 3D printing twist. Add to his over 1K subscribers for regular content updates.

7. Disrupt It Yourself

DIYer Andrew Stott is a maker addict. As he reveals, Arduino served as his gateway drug which led to a slew of maker projects ranging from 3D printing to a ClockworkPi GameShell review. There's an organic vibe to Stott's videos making them truly informative and a joy to watch.

8. Cat3D

Easily one of the best 3D printing YouTube channels is Cat3D. Run by Katja, you'll discover loads of reviews and unboxing videos. Her cat makes appearances in several videos, a pleasant touch. Katja remains active in community groups and forums. Aside from reviews and unboxings, Katja provides tutorials and in-depth looks at 3D printing accessories such as filament and filament boxes. 

Best Up-and-coming 3D Printing YouTube Channels

A quick search for 3D printing topics on YouTube yields massive results. While a smattering of established 3D printing enthusiasts including 3D Printing Nerd and 3D Printing Professor. However, many budding makers dabble in the 3D printing space and offer quality reviews, unboxings, tutorials, and everything in-between. While these are our favorites up-and-coming channels to learn 3D printing, loads of others exist. What are your favorite budding 3D printing channels?

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