Best Alien 3D Models You can Print at Home

Throughout science fiction, aliens have proven fascinating on the page and screen alike. And there's another arena where extraterrestrials appear super cool: the print bed. Perusing various websites for free 3D printable designs, loads of alien 3D models may be downloaded for your 3D printing needs. Check out the top alien 3D printables you can print at home!

1. 3D Printed Alien Xenomorph Full Figure 25 CM

Best alien 3d prints - printed obsession xenomorph

When it comes to alien 3D printables, where better to start than with the 1979 Ridley Scott-directed classic starring Sigourney Weaver? Designed by Printed Obsession, this eerily lifelike Xenomorph full figure scale model offers a 3D printable model that you can print anywhere. Designed by H.R. Giger, the Xenomorph ripples with a haunting, otherworldly design. Accordingly, this 3D printed Alien Xenomorph makes a neat addition to any shelf. It prints in multiple pieces which you can then piece together, or a full-body print. The level of detail is striking. This is a must-print for any sci-fi buffs and Alien fans. 

Designed by: Printed Obsession

Available on: My Mini Factory

2. Alien Head 3D Model - Xenomorph 3D Print

3d printed alien xenomorph - best alien 3d models you can print at home

If a full-body Xenomorph is too much to handle, try making a 3D printed alien Xenomorph head instead. Beautifully sculpted and chock full of exquisite detail, it's a lovely alien 3D printable that comes in one simple piece. You'll probably need some strong supports, particularly for the chin area. But ideaform3d's Xenomorph skull is a rad out-of-this-world 3D printed design. 

Designed by: ideaform3d

Available on: Thingiverse

3. Toy Story Alien 3D Printable Design

best alien 3d prints - 3d printed objects toy story alien

Throughout the history of cinema, aliens have appeared in many forms, from scary to silly, and everything in-between. Pixar classic "Toy Story" features little toy aliens, and mo418 brings the Toy Story Alien to the 3D printer. This cute little three-eyed alien is adorable, and will liven up your build plate or resin vat. It's ideal in green resin or filament, but you can use virtually any color you like to completely customize the little critter. Let The Claw become The Extruder! 

Designed by: mo418

Available on: Thingiverse

4. Alien & Alien Bust 3D Model

best alien 3d printable models - alien bust

If, like me, you watched way too much of "The X-Files," which you'll know isn't possible because you can never binge the classic sci-fi series enough, you'll be familiar with the Greys. For a classic stereotypical alien design, this alien bust allows you to print an alien archetype at home. Bear in mind that it does require a multi-material printer. 

Designed by: cipis

Available on: Thingiverse

5. Mars Attacks Alien Troubles 

best alien 3d models you can print at home - mars attacks

Of all Tim Burton flicks, 1996's "Mars Attacks!" may be his most underappreciated. Starring an ensemble cast of Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Glenn Close, Pierce Brosnan, Martin Short, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael J. Fox, and a host of others, it's a tongue-in-cheek sci-fi comedy. The Industrial Light & Magic-animated Martians appear distinct, and this "Mars Attacks!" alien troubles 3D print is similarly enchanting. It's a one-piece print perfect for fans of the movie. Just don't play any Slim Whitman after printing as we can't promise your print will survive. 

Designed by: Simonarri

Available on: Thingiverse

6. 3D Printable E.T.

best alien 3d prints - e.t. the extra-terrestrial

E.T. PRINTED AT HOME! While the Atari 2600 game is notoriously awful, the endearing 1982 Steven Spielberg flick "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" remains a classic. Likewise, this 3D printable model of E.T. is cute and the perfect printable for any film buff. Printed as a single piece, it's a slice-and-print simple creation. Disappointingly, I wasn't able to locate a "Mac and Me" 3D print, so I guess E.T. will have to suffice, and hey, creature design was basically the same anyway. 

Designed by: Humbug1974

Available on: Cults 3D

7. Alien Baby Inside a Jar

best alien 3d prints - alien baby in a jar

Throughout science fiction, laboratories feature prominently into various scenarios, from the mad scientist "Frankenstein" lab backdrop to evil Umbrella Corporation virus manipulation. Then there's the alien baby in a jar. Now you can make your own alien baby (jar not included) with a 3D printer and some printing material. If you add it to a jar of liquid, the creator MustangDave (no relation to Mustang Sally) notes that you might need to weigh it down. 

Designed by: MustangDave

Available on: Thingiverse

8. Space Alien Keychain That's 3D Printable

best 3d printable alien model - space alien keychain

For a quick, incredibly easy print, try making a space alien keychain. Oozing the stereotypical yet classic alien big-eyed design, this makes for the perfect addition to your car (or flying saucer) keys. Plus, it's useful. Since this 3D printable alien keychain is tiny, you can print them for friends and family as gifts. 

Designed by: mb20music

Available on: Thingiverse

9. Aliens 3D Print - Diecast Model Armored Personnel Carrier M577

best alien 3d prints - aliens m577 armored personnel carrier james cameron

While "Alien" is a genre-defining classic, its sequel in 1986's James Cameron-directed "Aliens" holds the distinction of being a sequel arguably better than, and at least equal to, its predecessor. "Aliens" differentiated itself by infusing the sci-fi horror with a dose of action, largely deriving from the space marines sent to squash the Xenomorph. Set and vehicle design is superb. This diecast 3D printable model of the armored personnel carrier M577 from James Cameron's "Aliens" is hands-down one of the best alien-related 3D printables you can find. Assembly is required, but if you're willing to slog through the printing and putting-together process, you'll be rewarded with an awesome "Aliens" model vehicle. 

Designed by: 3DTechDesign

Available on: Cults 3D

10. Ultimate Alien Face Hugger 

best alien 3d prints - ultimate alien face hugger

Dubbed the ultimate alien face-hugger, this 3D printable alien offers a realistic design. You'll need to 3D print its various components and piece them together. Printing it at 40-inches by 23-inches, it's life-size and actually kind of creepy. To lend additional realism, try painting it after printing. And pair it with an Alien Xenomorph egg or Weyland Yutani Corp stand for good measure. 

Designed by: Agisis

Available on: Thingiverse

11. Alien Life Chess Set

best alien 3d printables - alien life chess set

For a neat 3D printing project that results in a household object, try printing an alien life chess set. Not only are these 3D printed chess pieces out-of-this-world, but you can actually use them to play a game of chess. Of course, you'll need to devote quite a bit of time to printing them, but since each chess piece is probably on the smaller side, it's definitely a doable venture. My advice once your set is complete: let the Wookie win. 

Designed by: ethanjurman

Available on: Thingiverse

12. Alien Jockey Commemorative Bust

best alien 3d prints - space jockey

Possibly no alien creature is as enigmatic as the gargantuan Space Jockey from the original 1979 "Alien." Boasting Giger's recognizable design, it was only featured briefly in the film, though later explained in the prequel "Prometheus." This Giger design translates incredibly well to the print bed. You can print it as different pieces, or a complete Space Jockey. It's a gorgeous, highly-detailed print. 

Designed by: Geoffro

Available on: Thingiverse

13. Alien Chestburster

best alien 3d prints - chestburster

The Alien chestburster is nightmarish, and now you can freak yourself out with a terrifying 3D printable chestburster. Curled into a ball, it's sort of cute. Available as a single print, this was designed for printing with ABS, but should work just fine with SLA printers as well. 

Designed by: AndresMF

Available on: Thingiverse

14. Aliens vs. Predator Dagger

best alien 3d prints you can make at home - avp dagger

Although "Aliens vs. Predator" might be a fun albeit forgettable flick, and its follow up "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem" one of the worst movies ever to desecrate the screen, the AvP universe offered a hearty dose of awesome weapons and armor. the "Aliens vs Predator" 3D printable dagger is the perfect cosplay companion. Or, simply print it and hang it on the wall. In fact, designer LucasUrielabate originally engineered this for an esteemed cosplayer. It's about 40cm long, and a sweet 3D printable alien model. 

Designed by: LucasUrielabate

Available on: Cults 3D

15. Nuroh Gribsek Blacksmith 

best alien 3d print - nuroh gribsek

The friendly, welcoming Nuroh Gribsek is an alien blacksmith. With mind-boggling detail and a fascinating worldbuilding design, it's a must-print for any sci-fi aficionado. This multipart Nuroh Gribsek is easy enough to print and requires some light assembly after printing. But that post-processing is absolutely worth it. 

Designed by: Bendansie

Available on: Cults 3D

Best Alien 3D Prints You can Make at Home - Final Thoughts

From "Alien" universe creations to "E.T." and "Mars Attacks," as well as non-movie property prints, there are loads of 3D printable aliens and extra-terrestrial related 3D models you can print. I've printed a few alien eggs that looked superb in translucent green resin, and particularly enjoy printing sci-fi miniatures. 

What alien 3D prints have you made? 

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