Best 3D Printable Star Wars Models

The Star Wars universe proves enthralling in all of its forms, from the original trilogy to the spin-off series such as "Star Wars Rebels," books, video games like "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order." Plus, there's tons of merchandise including Lightsabers, costumes, mugs, and more. But you can also print your own awesome Star Wars memorabilia. Check out the best 3D printable Star Wars models you can make!

1. Star Wars Rebel Cookie Cutter

Best 3D Printable Star Wars Models - star wars rebel cookie cutterStylish and functional, these 3D printable Star Wars rebel cookie cutters are easy to make and offer a useful household product. It's in the shape of the Rebel Alliance logo, and since it likely won't be too big, the print time should be fairly modest. Perfect for dipping in some blue milk, this is one of the best 3D printable Star Wars models available. 

Available on: Thingiverse

Designed by: Freakazoid

2. Rebel Alliance Ring

Modeled after the Rebel Alliance ring Rose (Kelly Maria Tran) wore in "Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi," this is the perfect companion for cosplay, movie-watching, or merely everyday use. It does require some assembly, screws, glue, and additional steps. But the end result is incredibly rewarding. There's a neat twist-to-turn iris that reveals the Rebel logo underneath. 

Available on: MyMiniFactory

Designed by: Ali

3. Star Wars Death Trooper

Best 3D Printable Star Wars Models - death trooper

Truly embracing the Dark Side, this gothic Star Wars Death Trooper infuses an eerie vibe to the Star Wars universe. It's a Stormtrooper helmet fractured, with a skull leering out from beneath the mangled helmet. It's definitely one of the best 3D printable Star Wars models you can make. 

Available on: MyMiniFactory

Designed by: Paul Braddock

4. Darth Vader Cookie Cutter

cool 3d printed star wars models - darth vader cookie cutterFor a super cool 3D printed Star Wars model, check out this Dart Vader cookie cutter. Prefect for a movie marathon, and maintaining a healthy Force balance on your baking sheet when making Rebel Alliance cookies, this easy to print Darth Vader cookie cutter is an essential for any kitchen. You can also make a Stormtrooper cookie cutter

Available on: Cults

Designed by: ThaHack

5. Yoda Pen Holder

Cool 3d printed star wars models - yoda pen holderMaster the art of organization with a Master Yoda pen holder. Stylish, functional, and an excellent desk companion, this Star War 3D model will hold nine pens or pencils. Plus, the back of the base slots in USB sticks or rulers. Print this, you should.

Available on: Cults

Designed by: Custom 3D Printing

6. Foosball Stormtrooper and Foosball Darth Vader

best star wars 3d printable models - foosball stormtrooperJudging by their poor aim with blasters on-screen, foosball storm troopers may not be on the ball. But you can print your own foosball characters and have Stormtroopers face off against Darth Vader. Alternatively, 3D printable foosball characters such as ET, Homer Simpson, and Spider-man offer football table customization options as well. 

Available on: Cults

Designed by: Proxya

7. Yoda Bust

best 3d printable star wars models - yoda bustMake this, you must. The enigmatic Jedi Master Yoda, despite his small stature, proved a powerful Jedi leader. This high-resolution Star Wars bust is an awesome Star Wars 3D model that you can print for yourself. Boasting extraordinary lifelike qualities, it's a dedicated recreation of a fan-favorite character. 

Available on: Thingiverse

Designed by: Bmoshe

8. Yoda Cookie Cutter

Best 3d printed star wars models - yoda cookie cutterWhile Master Yoda dined on rootleaf stew during his exile on Dagobah, cookies probably tatste better. And particularly cookies in the shape of Jedi Master Yoda. In the words of Yoda, "Eat, eat. Hot. good food, hmm?"

Available on: Cults

Designed by: Platridi

9. 3D Printed Star Destroyer

From the Millennium Falcon to the Death Star, the Star Wars universe offered inventive ship design. Perhaps none was as foreboding, save the Death Star, as the Imperial Star Destroyer Class II. Heavily shielded, armed with immense firepower, and with a well-staffed bridge, Imperial Star Destroyers were tough to outrun. You can create your own with a 3D printed Star Destroyer. Printed in three parts, there's a bit of assembly required, and the end result is mesmerizing. 

Available on: MyMiniFactory

Designed by: Luka Verigikj

10. Motorized Star Wars AT-AT

Whereas many 3D printable objects are sedentary, this motorized Star Wars AT-AT actually walks. To achieve this, a 9V battery and 90 RPM motor are required alongside a switch. It takes about 750 grams of filament. The extra work and components are well worth it to make such a cool 3D printable Star Wars model. 

Available on: Thingiverse

Designed by: LtDan

11. Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

best 3d printable star wars models - luke lightsaberPerhaps no other weapon in the Star Wars universe is quite as iconic as Luke Skywalker's lightsaber. Comprised of eight different components, this 3D printable Luke Skywalker blaster is a print for a more civilized age. It's easily one of the top Star Wars 3D printed props you can make. Additionally, you can print a Stormtrooper blaster, Han Solo's blasterPrincess Leia's blaster, and Kylo Ren's lightsaber

Available on: Thingiverse

Designed by: Infinati

12. Darth Maul 3D Printing Star Wars Action Figure

darth maul statue 3d printing star wars action figures - best 3d printable star wars modelsThere are loads of 3D printing Star Wars action figures you can create. While Sith Lord Darth Maul from "Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace" may have benefitted from little screen time, the creative looking Maul spawned a cult following. Later, Maul appeared in the animated TV series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" as well as "Solo: A Star Wars Story." Make your own Dart Maul, complete with double-sided lightsaber. 

Available on: MyMiniFactory

Designed by: Printed Obsession

13. Millennium Falcon Cufflinks

best 3d printable star wars models - millennium falcon cufflinksFor a night out at the cantina, consider donning some Millennium Falcon cufflinks. Simple to print, there's a base for adhesion to a cufflink. Perfect for cosplay, movie premieres, or to complement your Star Wars tie collection (everyone else has one, right?), these are cufflinks are the ideal way to showcase your fandom. 

Available on: Thingiverse

Designed by: MrMilan

14. Star Wars Keychain

star wars 3d printable keychain - best 3d printable star wars modelsWhat better way to flaunt your geekdom than with a Star War keychain? Incredibly easy to make, this Star War 3D model is an excellent, functional way to keep track of your keys. Are these the keys you're looking for? No promises that your car will be able to suddenly make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. 

Available on: Thingiverse

Designed by: Takenby

15. Boba Fett 75mm Scale Model

best 3d printable star wars action figures - boba fettBoba Fett, with his badass Mandalorian armor and unique ship, Slave I, quickly became a fan favorite. Though his character was only briefly in the original "Star Wars" movie trilogy as a bounty hunter, Fett later appeared in the Prequel Trilogy where it's explained that Boba is a clone of bounty hunter Jango Fett. Among the 3D printing Star War action figures you can make, this 75mm scale model Boba Fett is a really neat project.

Available on: MyMiniFactory

Designed by: Printed Obsession

16. Star Wars Bookends

best 3d printable star wars models - star wars bookendsIdeal for holding your Star Wars books or sacred Jedi texts, these Star Wars bookends come in either Stormtrooper or Darth Vader designs. Stylish, functional, and practical, these are must-prints. 

Available on: Thingiverse

Designed by: Mfritz

17. Star Wars Episode 7 Printable Helmet

best 3d printable star wars models - star wars bookends3D printing is incredibly useful for cosplay. As such, tons of 3D printed Star Wars armor may be created. Often it's cheaper than buying a costume, but morever offers the ability to make customized Star War 3D printed props. This "Star Wars Episode VII" printable helmet is completely wearable. 

Available on: Thingiverse

Designed by: Jace1969

18. Star Wars Snowspeeder

best 3d printable star wars models - star wars snowspeederHoth, the ice planet in "Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back," featured an epic battle on its surface. While the Empire sent its Imperial Troops in hulking AT-AT walkers, small, nimble snowspeeders were able to take down the AT-ATs. Star Wars snowpeeders make for some of the best 3D printed Star Wars miniatures you can print. 

Available on: MyMiniFactory

Designed by: Autir Baltziskueta

19. DIY Lightsaber

Have you always wanted to own a lightsaber? Now you can! This low-cost, high-quality 3D printable lightsaber is simple to make and looks so impressive that it's easily mistaken for a storebought product. With LEDs inside, you can change the color to blue, red, and green. Just rotate its hilt to toggle another color on. Plus, its collapsible form factor makes it portable. The Force is strong with this maker project.

Buy the Electromaker Lightsaber DIY Kit

Best 3D Printable Star Wars Models - Cool 3D Printed Star Wars Model You can Make

There are loads of Star Wars 3D models you can print at home. From simple structure to massive props, ships, action figures, and miniatures to armor and keychains, there's a cool 3D printed Star Wars model for every fan. Plus, you can search for 3D printable models on sites such as Yeggi, Cults, and Thingiverse.

Your turn: What Star Wars 3D printed designs are you making? 

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