Best Headphone Stands You can 3D Print at Home

3D printing offers the ability to create customized objects. You can print out everything from miniature figurines to cosplay accessories, dice, and a slew of different items. While many 3D printable designs are purely for fun, others like lamps fuse function and fun. One of the easiest and most practical things to print is a headphone stand. I've got a ton of different headphones lying around, from my Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum wireless gaming headset to a pair of Tribit QuietPlus active noise-canceling headphones. While trying to figure out how to store them, I began searching for headphone stands to buy before finding tons of 3D printed headset rest designs. Though you can simply buy a headphone or headset holder, there are tons of 3D printable headphone and headset holders on the market. Check out the best headphone stands you can 3D print!

1. Monster Mouth Clampable 3D Printed Headphone Holder

monster mouth clampable 3d printed headphone holder

The monster mouth 3D printable headphone holder comes in a cool two-part design. It's a clamp that affixes to your desk or a shelf with a screw that slots into the clamp part. A few holds and a ridged portion allow for excellent cord management. You can wrap the cords around a dedicated shelf, and slot headphone jacks into built-in holes. It's a neat design that's simple yet effective. Being able to clamp the monster mouth headset stand on virtually any surface is a huge plus, and bonus points for its excellent cable management system. 

Available from: MyMiniFactory

Designed by: Phil Barrenger

2. MakerBot 3D Printable Headphone Stand

best 3d printed headphone stands makerbot headphone holder

Not only does MakerBot manufacture some of the best 3D printers you can buy, but its Thingiverse website is a top site for 3D printing assets. With its crisp, clean design, the MakerBot custom 3D printable headphone stand is an excellent option. It's modern and refined with a v-shaped base and slanted stand portion. Your headset hangs on a protruding lip, but the best part about this headphone holder is its printing simplicity. You can print it as a whole sans supports meaning you don't have to fiddle with pre-printing slicing much. 

Available from: Thingiverse

Designed by: MakerBot

3. Batman 3D Printable Headset Stand

best 3d printed headphone stands - batman custom headset holder

Millionaire crime-fighting playboy mogul Bruce Wayne, or Batman, is a unique superhero. Rather than bashing bad guys with enhanced abilities, he's simply a regular dude with some cool gear. And if you're looking for a sweet headset holder to house your gear, you can print a Batman headphone stand at home. It's essentially a utility belt to protect your Bat headset. 

Available from: MyMiniFactory

Designed by: Fasya Daud

4. Slimprint's Headphone Stand

slimprint's 3d printed headphone holder - best 3d printed headset stand

Coming in two parts, Slimprint's 3D printable headset holder is elegant sitting upon your desk. With an IKEA aesthetic, your beloved cans will rest in style. Whether folded up or hanging loose, your headphones are sure to have a happy home. There's a sort of horseshoe-shaped section that serves as the back of the base, while a curved hook-like segment houses the headset on top, and forms a tripod on the bottom where it meets the base. It's simple to print and an extremely useful 3D printed object.

Available from: MyMiniFactory

Designed by: Erwin Boxen

5. Universal Headphone Stand

best 3d printed headphone stand - universal headphone stand

The universal headphone stand is a 3D printed u-shaped object. And the beauty is in its simplicity. Headphone earcups rest on either side of the headset rest, with a tab at the rear which ensures that it remains upright. Since it's so minimalist, the universal headphone stand will definitely save you filament and resin. 

Available from: MyMiniFactory

Designed by: Muzz64

6. Omega Headphone Holder

best 3d printable headset rest - omega headphone holder

The aptly-named Omega headphone rest is a lovely 3D printable functional object sure to elevate the feng shui of any desk it rests upon. Capable of handling even the most obnoxiously-large of gaming headsets and noise-canceling cans, it's a must-print. As its name suggests, it's the omega symbol and as such is free-standing. With a naturally headphone-conforming shape, it's perfectly suited to serving as a headset rest. It does print in a few pieces, so some assembly will be required. 

Available from: Thingiverse

Designed by: Ondra Ondra

7. Simple, Elegant Headset Stand

best 3d printable headset rest - clean elegant

Easy to assemble, this lush 3D printable headphone holder comes in two pieces. There's the stand itself which slots into the base. Since the stand fits neatly into the foundation, no glue is required for joining the two parts. Merely print both pieces out and put them together. The stand features pretty designs for a clean, modern look. 

Available from: MyMiniFactory

Designed by: Aaron Schmidt

8. Two-part Hook 3D Printed Headphone Holder

best headphone stands - headset rest 3d printed

Headset rests come in all shapes and sizes. A hook form factor works well with a base and curved portion upon which headphones may hang. Abiding by this aesthetic, this two-part hook is a useful 3D printable headphone stand that's a breeze to make. It consists of the base as well as an L-shaped hook upon which your headphones can chill out. It's super simple to put together and requires very little assembly.

Available from: Thingiverse

Designed by: Joshua Harvey

9. Darth Vader Headphone Stand

3d printed darth vader headphone holder

This Force is strong with this Darth Vader headphone holder. There are tons of 3D printable Star Wars objects, including a Lightsaber you can make at home for just $13 USD. What better way to keep your headphones stored than with a Lord Vader headset rest? The headphones themselves slip comfortably into earcup-shaped notches on the side of Vader's helmet. And you can wrap any cables around Vader's neck for great cable management. As headphone stands go, this one is excellent, most excellent. 

Available from: Cults 3D

Designed by: URKA

10. 3D Printed Dog Headphone Holder

best 3d printed headphone holder - dog headphone holder

Whereas most 3D printable headphone stands are engineered with large over-the-ear or on-ear headphones in mind, this cute dog headphone holder lets you wrap your corded earbuds in its mouth. Then, whenever you need to fetch your headphones, you'll know exactly where they are.

Available from: Cults 3D

Designed by:  STLFILESFREE

11. Snake Headphone Clamp That's 3D Printable

best headphone holder 3d printed snake

Similar to the monster mouth clamp, this snake headphone holder clips to your desk. Then, your headphones hang out on your desk or a shelf, and there's superb cable management since you can wrap any cords around curved area where your headset sits. There are a couple of components you'll need to print, but assembly is quick and painless. The snakeskin pattern on the headphone holder part gives this functional 3D printed object its name. 

Available from: Cults 3D


The Headphone Holders You can 3D Print at Home

Headphone holders are among the most functional 3D printable objects around. A 3D printed headset rest is incredibly useful, and most are super simple to print. Many don't even require assembly, and the majority of ones that do are painless to build. Plus, you can flaunt your fandom with a Batman or Darth Vader headphone holder. 

What 3D printed headphone stands do you recommend? 

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