Best Disney 3D Printables You can Make at Home

Disney truly created a juggernaut. Between its classic Mickey Mouse cartoons, live-action flicks ranging from "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" to "The Rocketeer," and even "The Black Hole." Throw in Pixar movies like "Toy Story," as well as golden age and dark age material including "The Black Cauldron," "Lady and the Tramp," plus "The Great Mouse Detective," and you've got a recipe for success. Add to that Disney's ownership of properties such as Marvel and Star Wars for broad appeal. In fact, Disney+ is one of the best streaming services you can subscribe to. With all of its fandoms, Disney provides tons of merch to eager fans. However, you can also print your own Disney designs at home. Check out the best Disney 3D printables available!

1. Disney Partners Sculpture 

best disney 3d printables - disney partners sculpture

Featuring the beloved character of Mickey Mouse holding hands with Walt Disney, this Disney partners sculpture is a replica of the famed bronze sculpture located in California's Disneyland Resort. The statue itself was crafted in 1993 by artist Blaine Gibson. Its 3D-printable counterpart hails from the "Scan the World" initiative, a non-profit debuted by MyMiniFatory to capture a digital archive of completely 3D printable likenesses of real-world locations. This Disneyland Partners Sculpture that's 3D printable is a neat means of showing off your Disney love, and it's super easy to make.

Designed by: Scan the World

Available on: My Mini Factory

2. Stormtrooper Mickey

best disney 3d printables - imperial storm mickey

Riffing on Disney's ownership of the Star Wars franchise which, if you contemplate it, by default makes Princess Leia a Disney Princess, Stormtrooper Mickey has been downloaded over 15,000 times. And from a quick glance, it's clear why. Cleverly, Stormtrooper Mickey presents the enchanting Mickey Mouse donning an Imperial Stormtrooper helmet. It's a nod of course to Disney's acquisition of Marvel Studios, but also a fun subversion of a favorite childhood character. Simple to print and loads of fun, Imperial Storm Mickey is a must-print. 

Designed by: BonGarcon

Available on: Thingiverse

3. Gargoyles Goliath

best disney 3d prints - gargoyles goliath

Despite its prominence on the big screen, Disney mastered television as well. Among its best, and most underappreciated, TV series is the 90s cartoon "Gargoyles." Featuring many "Star Trek: The Next Generation" cast members, voice acting was top-notch. Eschewing a catchy opening theme song in favor of an epic narration by the brilliant Keith David no less, it's a memorable series that's rightfully gained a cult following since its inception. And that means you can even find some "Disney's Gargoyles" 3D printables. Keith David voiced series protagonist Goliath. Now, you can print your own Goliath and flaunt your Gargoyles fandom at home. 

Designed by: Rober Rollin

Available on: My Mini Factory

4. Pluto

Best disney 3d printables - pluto

Aside from Mickey Mouse, perhaps no other Disney character is as revered, beloved, and recognized as Pluto. Mickey Mouse's pet dog, Pluto remains unique in the Mickey Mouse universe for not being anthropomorphic. As any dog owner, myself included, can attest, doggos are delightful companions, and truly best friends. This adorable 3D printable Pluto showcases the happy-go-lucky dog smiling with his tongue lolling out, and an ear cocked. A perfect pupper printable, you can bring Pluto to life with your 3D printer.

Designed by: My Mini Factory

Available on: My Mini Factory

5. Mulan's Sword

best 3d printable disney designs mulan sword

Someday you'll make a sword out of filament (or resin). Great for cosplay, the "Mulan" live-action remake premiere, or simply hanging on your wall as a decoration, you can print a Mulan sword at home. It's life-sized clocking in at 100cm long. Of course, you can always slice it and scale it down. Since it's intended as a life-sized replica, this 3D printed Mulan sword prints in different pieces that you'll need to slot together. It's modular, so you can alter the size by increasing and decreasing the number of BladeB pieces, each of which adds or removes 180mm from the length of the blade. 

Designed by: Julio Vazquez

Available on: MyMiniFactory

6. Elsa's Crown from "Frozen"

best disney 3d prints - elsa frozen crown

Do you want to print an Elsa crown? "Frozen" hit cinemas and almost immediately solidified itself as a beloved Disney production. Although I personally found it a bit underwhelming, this "Frozen" Elsa crown is pretty, well, cool. Printing as a single unit, Queen Elsa of Arendelle's crown tops off your cosplay. For some post-processing, try painting the tiara to match its appearance in the film or to fit your liking. 

Designed by: Willkear

Available on: MyMiniFactory

7. Alien from "Toy Story"

best disney 3d prints - toy story alien

"The Extruder!" The aliens from Pizza Planet in "Toy Story" are cute, memorable little creatures. With a classic extra-terrestrial design, they've got a single antenna and three eyes. Customize your alien 3D "Toy Story" print with different colours of filament or resin. Try a classic green, or any shade you prefer!

Designed by: Nik Shavorich

Available on: MyMiniFactory

8. Jack Skellington Pumpkin from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

best disney 3d printables - jack skellington pumpkin nightmare before christmas

Tim Burton-directed cult classic "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is sort of a Christmas movie, but also a Halloween flick. However, we can all agree that it's a unique cinematic masterpiece with exquisite stop motion animation and catchy music composed by frequent Burton collaborator Danny Elfman. Bring the magic of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" to life with this Jack Skellington pumpkin that's 3D printable. Add a tea light to make your pumpkin glow. Perfect for Christmas, Halloween, or year-round, this is one pumpkin you'll want to print. 

Designed by: Christopher Frieze

Available on: MyMiniFactory

9. Disney Castle

best disney 3d printables - disney castle

It's tough to find an image that embodies Disney more than the Disney castle, aside from maybe Mickey Mouse. The Disney Castle gets its inspiration from the "Sleeping Beauty" castle. Ridiculously detailed, this 3D-printed Disney Castle is gorgeous and lifelike. Printing in one piece, you should plan on a lengthy print time if you use a large size. But your patience will be rewarded with a pretty Disney Castle replica. 

Designed by: Gluetolf

Available on: Thingiverse

10. Disney Key

best disney 3d printables - disney key

Incorporating the Disney castle and iconic D, this Disney Key is a rad 3D printable object. The head of the key is the Disney castle complete with its flagpoles, while the handle touts the oft-recognizable D. It's a simple print that remains lovely to behold. 

Designed by: Mylez

Available on: Thingiverse

11. "Disney's the Black Hole" - Maximillian

best disney 3d prints you can make at home - the black hole

While many Walt Disney animated classics may be best-known, its slew of live-action adventures once reigned supreme. 1979 space opera "The Black Hole" is notable for ranking as Disney's first PG production. An Academy Award-nominated film, "The Black Hole" is a neat sci-fi gem. With eye-catching ship and robot design, this Maximillian "Disney's The Black Hole" 3D printable allows you to display a robot from the cult hit and underrated masterpiece. 

Designed by: Shlom Jarboe

Available on: MyMiniFactory

12. "Rockteer" Jetpack Comic Book Version

best disney 3d prints - the rocketeer

With its plot that's eerily similar to Captain America, 1991 period piece "The Rocketeer" finds a stunt pilot embroiled in a WWII plot involving an experimental flying suit. There's notably a 2019 animated series based on "The Rocketeer." And with a 3D printable replica jetpack, you can cosplay as The Rocketeer. An incredibly, simple print, this is one of the top Disney 3D printables, and a movie you should totally watch if you've somehow missed it. 

Designed by: Otakukenn

Available on: Thingiverse

13. Nautilus from Disney's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"

20000 leagues under the sea nautilus - best disney 3d prints

Growing up, Disney's live-action "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" adaptation from 1954 starring James Mason, Peter Lorre, and Kirk Douglas was one of my favorite films. Today, it remains a top pick, and I regularly pull my DVD off the shelf to watch. One of the elements solidifying "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" as a veritable classic in the Disney canon is its steampunk vibe, mostly due to the Nautilus submarine design. Now, you can create your own replica of the Disney Nautilus. What's more, there's even a matching stand you can print to nest the Nautilus in for display purposes. This is a seriously sleek sub, and one fans of the Jules Verne novel and 1954 film alike should print. 

 Designed by: WEDimagineer

Available on: Thingiverse

14. Lumiere from "Beauty and the Beast"

lumiere - best disney 3d printables

Boasting some of the best animation and music in any cartoon film, Disney or otherwise, "Beauty and the Beast" is truly a tale as old as time. Of all its characters, Lumiere, an aptly-named candelabra. Incredibly maker-friendly, this print requires no assembly, and just a simple slicing. Its face is animated, and a fluid design lends Lumiere a lifelike appearance. One of the most rad prints, Disney or non-Disney that we've seen, it's a super cool must-print. 

Designed by: Hristina Ivanova

Available on: MyMiniFactory

15. Splash Mountain Brer Rabbit Sign

best 3d prints disney - splash mountain

By far, one of the top Disney theme park rides is Splash Mountain. You can decorate your home with the joy of Splash Mountain with a "You May Get Wet" sign featuring Brer Rabbit. Easy to generate, there's loads of potential for post-processing such as painting various design elements like Brer Rabbit and the lettering. 

Designed by: Victor Vazquez

Available on: MyMiniFactory

16. Genie from "Aladdin"

genie from aladdin - best disney 3d prints

Of all the roles Robin Williams assumed, perhaps none is as revered as "Aladdin." Likewise, the animated 1992 Disney movie spawned many of the most beloved Disney songs around. This "Aladdin" Genie 3D printable features the Genie emerging from his magic lamp, complete with manbun (genie-bun?) and goatee. It's a remarkably detailed print. After printing, you've got the opportunity to decorate it as you wish, for instance painting the lamp yellow, or goatee black. 

Designed by: Joseph Larson

Available on: MyMiniFactory

17. "Darkwing Duck" Gas Gun

best disney 3d prints- darkwing duck

"Let's get dangerous." But please print safely. Growing up, one of my favorite TV series was "Darkwing Duck." The 90s cartoon television series followed a crime-fighting anthropomorphic duck, the titular Darkwing Duck. Wardrobe, character, and weapon design was spectacular and inventive. Letting you cosplay, relive your childhood days, or just enjoy a neat Darkwing Duck prop, you can print a Darkwing Duck gas fun at home. 

Designed by: Shlom Jarboe

Available on: MyMiniFactory

18. "Beauty and the Beast" Belle

belle beauty and the beast - best disney 3d prints

Belle from "Beaty and the Beast" is a fan-favorite Disney princess. And one that, thanks to 3D printing technology, you can make yourself. Since her dress is typically yellow, you might want to make this using yellow PLA/ABS or resin. However, the beauty is that you can tailor this print however you like with different colouring of 3D printing material. 

Designed by: Tanya Wiesner

Available on: MyMiniFactory

19. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" Grumpy

best disney 3d prints - grumpy snow white and the seven dwarves

"Hi ho. Hi ho. It's off to print we go." You'll be happy with this Grumpy Disney print. Detailed, replete with Grumpy's recognizable downturned frown, it's a lovely, well-designed print. With tons of views, likes, and downloads, it's a 3D print for every Disney lover's collection. For fans of miniatures, this is a perfect project print. 

Designed by: Marproz

Available on: Cults 3D

20. Pumbaa from "The Lion King"

best disney 3d prints - pumbaa lion king

Hakuna ma printa. What sidekicks were more charming than Pumbaa and Simon? "Lion King" fans just can't wait for this Pumbaa statue to be done printing. It's exquisitely rendered, and a single-piece printable. As such, it's a slice and print project that couldn't get any easier. 

Designed by: Karan Sangani

Available on: MyMiniFactory

21. Ursula from "The Little Mermaid"

best disney 3d printables - ursula little mermaid

Disney villain Ursula from "The Little Mermaid" gained a strong fanbase despite her treacherous ways. Therefore, she's made appearances in everything from video games to merch, and now you can print your own Ursula. After printing, try painting Ursula to give her a Disney flair. Soon you'll have that Ursula figure and the print bed will be yours!

Designed by: Tany6a Wiesner

Available on: MyMiniFactory

22. Baloo from "The Jungle Book"

baloo best disney 3d prints

Protagonist Baloo from "The Jungle Book" is a happy-go-lucky bear. After an introduction in "The Jungle Book," Baloo appeared in Disney TV series "TaleSpin." Watch Baloo build on your print bed or build plate in progressive layers or resin or filament. A great addition to any desk, media shelf, or wherever you want to place him, this heartwarming figurine is sure to remind you that all you need are the bear (bare) necessities. 

Designed by: boris3dstudio

Available on: Thingiverse

Best Disney 3D Prints You can Make at Home

While these might be the best 3D printable Disney designs you can make at home, there are tons of other options. A quick perusal of the best 3D printing websites turns up a slew of results. So get to downloading, slicing, and printing!

Your turn: What Disney 3D prints have you made, and what are your favorite Disney movies and TV shows?

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