Maker Faire Rome 2024: Final Calls Now Open for Europe’s Largest Innovation Event

This year's Maker Faire Rome will be held from October 25th to 27th at the iconic Gazometro Ostiense in Rome. The venue, a symbol of industrial heritage, provides a fitting backdrop for the showcase of cutting-edge technology and innovative projects.

The calls for participation in Maker Faire Rome 2024 are now open! This is an opportunity to present your innovative projects. You can have an exhibition space to show a project, make a presentation, or perform a performance.


Event Details

Dates: 25th to 27th October
Venue: Gazometro Ostiense, Rome
Hosted by: Rome Chamber of Commerce

Calls for Participation

Call for Makers

Deadline: 20th June
Eligibility: Makers, teams, SMEs, startups, creatives
Opportunities: Free exhibition space, participation in talks, contests
Details and Submission: Link to Call for Makers

Call for Schools

Deadline: 20th June
Eligibility: Secondary schools within the EU (ages 14-18)
Opportunities: Free exhibition space, recognition in educational programs
Details and Submission: Link to Call for Schools

Call for Universities and Research Institutes

Deadline: 20th June
Eligibility: Public universities and research institutes
Opportunities: Free or discounted exhibition space
Details and Submission: Link to Call for Universities and Research Institutes

The Venue of #MFR2024

The Gazometro of Rome, often referred to as the “industrial Colosseum,” serves as the impressive venue for Maker Faire Rome 2024. Built in 1935, this iconic structure once supplied gas to the entire city and now stands as a testament to 20th-century technological marvels. The site has been transformed into a dynamic innovation district, fostering collaborations in applied industrial research alongside universities and research institutions. Spanning over 12 hectares, the complex includes the largest gasometer in Europe, G4, which stands 90 meters high with a 65-meter circumference.

Maker Faire Rome

This historic site is now a cultural hub featuring an amphitheatre and houses key innovation centers such as the ROAD – Rome Advanced District, Joule – Eni’s Business School, Zero – the cleantech accelerator of the National Innovation Fund, and Eni 2050 Lab dedicated to cutting-edge technologies. The transformation of the Gazometro into a beacon of sustainability and technological advancement embodies the spirit of the #TwinTransition, a core theme of #MakerFaireRome.

While waiting for Maker Faire Rome, the public can explore this captivating site through the “Gazometro Aperto” initiative, offering free guided tours on select Sundays (21st July, 29th September, 6th October, 24th November). These tours provide insights into the historical significance and future developments of the Gazometro, showcasing its journey from an industrial giant to a modern innovation hub.


Quotes from Organizers

Lorenzo Tagliavanti, President of Rome Chamber of Commerce

"Maker Faire Rome is an inclusive fair where technology is accessible to everyone, not just specialists. This spirit has been with us since the first edition and has remained intact over the years. The opening of the calls is always an exciting and significant phase: we look forward to receiving the hundreds of innovative ideas and projects, the lifeblood of every Maker Faire, ideas and projects that will substantially contribute to the ongoing digital and sustainable transformation."

Luciano Mocci, President of Innova Camera

"It has been more than a decade that our event connects people, thoughts, opinions, knowledge, and skills from all over the globe, creating ever stronger and indissoluble bonds through a universal language: that of innovation. The 2024 edition at the Gazometro Ostiense will once again highlight the best of this vital and indispensable ecosystem."

Maker Faire Rome 2024 is an unparalleled opportunity for innovators, educators, and researchers to showcase their work, connect with peers, and contribute to the future of technology and creativity. We invite you to participate in this exciting event, whether by submitting your projects or attending to witness the cutting-edge innovations on display. Join us in celebrating the spirit of innovation and be a part of Europe's largest innovation event, where groundbreaking ideas and transformative technologies come to life.

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