Rome Maker Faire Extends Call to Makers

Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition 2019 takes Rome, Italy on October 18-20, 2019 and promises a robust lineup with a mix of do-it-yourself (DIY) tech electronics as well as art. The forthcoming maker faire is poised to unite Italian artists and tech companies for revolutionary collaborations. Now, the call for makers has been extended until July 8, 2019. New at Maker Faire Rome '19, there's an innovative union between artists and makers.

Maker Faire Rome 2019 Unites Artists and Makers

Often, maker faire events feature a focus largely on either tech and DIY electronics, or arts and crafts. However, Maker Faire Rome 2019 - The European Edition bridges the gap between artists and makers with its Maker Art exhibit. This session probes the dynamic of groundbreaking tech and modern art. The goal is to create a few large installations featuring everything from pop art to video content, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Artists including Bill Vorn, Canadian robotic artist, Naples video artist Mattia Casalegno, and UK-based Patrick Tresset, a portraitist who uses tiny robotic arms for portraiture, will be in attendance. Maker Faire Rome is poised to offer more than a mere installation or exhibit, and instead a full-on experience. 

As Lorenzo Tagliavanti, President of the Rome Chamber of Commerce reveals, "Maker Faire Rome is a consolidated platform, it is the place where Science meets innovation, from the ground up, by also offering training, networking and business and is, therefore, an accelerator of the innovation process for the whole of Europe. Because of the event is also evolving thanks to co-creation effort, we are carrying out new projects."

Maker Media, Make:Magazine Shut Down But Worldwide Maker Faires Continue to Thrive

The maker space isn't exactly new, but in recent years it's certainly blossomed. Maker Media which spawned Make:Magazine as well as its flagship Maker Faire NYC and Maker Faire Bay Area recently shut its doors. After years of financial struggles, Maker Media laid off its staff and canceled its upcoming Maker Faire New York 2019. However, Maker Faire events worldwide aren't funded by Maker Media. Only Maker Faire Bay Area and NYC were run by Maker Media. Thankfully, the maker community continues to thrive with events such as Maker Faire Rome 2019. We covered Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition in 2018, and are jazzed to provide onsite coverage of Rome Maker Faire 2019. If there's a maker faire in your area, support it in any way you can whether by volunteering, attending, partnering with makers and artists, or something else.

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