Maker Faire Rome 2019 Day 2 in Review

Maker Faire Rome 2019 - The European Edition day 2 kicked off with the doors opening up to the general public rather than the 27,000 school children from the day before. Although Maker Faire Rome 2019 is marked by many well-known companies offering established products, one of the most fascinating areas is its innovation.

Lumi Industries provides an excellent example of the ideation on display at Maker Faire Rome. I witnessed Lumi Industries showcasing its 3D printing novelties. First, there's the Lumifold TB, a folding 3D printer. However, its briefcase form factor isn't the only forward-thinking element. Rather, the Lumifold TB resin 3D printer is a folding 3D printer. Likewise, its Lumibee is a 3D printable 3D printer. The Soile-E is a sand/regolith-based autonomous unit. In layman's terms, the Soil-E serves as a sort of self-driving rover that 3D prints bricks with sand. The concept could be used for anything from terraforming to sustainable building material production. Finally, Lumi Industries touts its VVD, Volumetric Visuilizaton Device. It's a neat tool engineered for showing off a 3D model from every angle. 

On the 3D printing side, Kenstrapper, an Italian-based 3D printer company showed off its feats of 3D printing. I was immediately drawn to Kentstrapper's distinctive printers. Fusing the design of a resin printer with a filament printer, each of its FDM printers was completely self-contained. One featured the spool of filament nestled under the print bed. The most impressive was a massive 3D printer about two feet shorter than my hefty 6'1" frame, used to produce sizable prints including a Dobby the house elf figure. 

Perfect for parties, I checked out PartyTap and a smart LED light system for DJs and musicians. The smart light system was a simple frame controllable by accompanying software. PartyTap is a novel concept. Essentially, it's an NFC tag or card which comes in the form of a credit card or hotel key style device, as well as a tiny square on a bracelet. It's perfect for including on a festival bracelet. Then, users may load up the card with money, or use it for ticket access. As such, it takes the growing trend of mobile payments and access but removes the phone element. Since many users, myself included, struggle with dead batteries at weekend-long music fests, it solves a major pain point in the mobile payment space. 

Maker Faire Rome 2019 has been packed with loads of awesome innovation. We're exicited to be on the ground at Maker Faire Rome! Come find the Electromaker booth to check out our awesome DIY disco helmets, follow the action on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, plus follow our Senior Editor Moe Long for the latest updates.

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