Party with this Arduino-Based Shot Dispenser

Among the many amazing projects for an Arduino, this might just be the most useful. After all, who can argue with a machine that dispenses shots of your favorite tipple?

Developed by Redditor (and physics senior) nomsum, this build was developed for the Taco Dan’s bar at Denison University, Granville, Ohio. Here, the bar is apparently “experiencing efficiency problems,” which nomsum expands upon.

“The bartenders take far too long to pour shots and lose money on potential customers leaving due to lengthy time wait. Personally, one night I was uncomfortably shoulder-to-shoulder with an ex for far too long, we were trying to order drinks and not talk to each other.”

We’ve all been there, right? But how many of us can claim to have taken inspiration from the situation to make the world better and faster? Using an Arduino to run algorithms, a solenoid valve for liquid flow control, a load sensor to measure the weight of the shots, and a 3D printed frame, nomsum created the Automatic Shot Server, or A.S.S. for short (!).

He even took the time to learn AutoCAD Fusion 360 to develop the custom 3D printed plastic frame, and as well as the YouTube video, has provided an Imgur gallery of the project.

We reckon this is one of the most important projects we’ve ever seen and could have massive implications for the bar room. In an age of replacing humans with robots in places like supermarkets and fast food restaurants, a device that simply speeds up the job is a far better alternative. No one would want to drink in a bar without bar staff; at the same time, no one is going to complain about staff being more efficient. Given the staff turnover in some establishments, having something like the Automatic Shot Server could help drink serving newbies get to grips with one of the most important parts of the job without making a mess.

Thirsty? Click play above, and you soon will be!

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