This Microsoft Teams Adventure Will Ease Your Life Through The Streamdeck

The increasing COVID-19 transmission worldwide has forced all educational institutions and corporations to switch to a virtual experience in every sense. Speaking of virtual meetings, one of the widely used applications is the Microsoft teams that have improved the user experience through its features. To make it easy to handle all the calls and unmuting voice in the meetings or college lectures, these Buildcomics developers have come up with an easy-to-use mechanical keys integrated stream deck built around the famous Raspberry Pi Pico.

Looking at the compact form factor of the controller used, the hardware is a small device that will let you quickly tackle meetings. As a student, you’d have to unmute several times in a lecture, now you can do it with these keypads without any additional effort. These tough times have sparked innovation in the developers that make lives easy. Along with the Raspberry Pi Pico, the designers have used 3D-printed keys and enclosures for which files have been provided.

This Microsoft Teams Adventure Will Ease Your Life Through The StreamdeckMoving forward, the maker doesn’t stop here to surprise us. They have also implemented Raspberry Pi Pico Busylight that tells everyone around you the status of your Microsoft teams. Additionally, the LED turns red whenever you have a 'busy' status on Microsoft teams, and the Kuando Busylight UC Omega has inspired this. More information on wiring and coding of the Busylight is available on the GitHub repository. If you are interested in building similar hardware to the stream deck, then all the 3D printing files are provided along with the code on GitHub.

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