RetroFlag Debuted Sega Megadrive Raspberry Pi Case: The MegaPi

RetroFlag makes some of the top Raspberry Pi cases on the market, especially for retro gaming enthusiasts. Its first two cases, the NESPi and SuperPi brought a Nintendo gaming aesthetic to the Raspberry Pi with a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super Nintendo (SNES) look. Now, RetroFlag offers the MegaPi for a Raspberry Pi Sega Megadrive Classic!

RetroFlag MegaPi Case: Create a DIY Sega Megadrive Classic

As the NES Classic Mini, SNES Classic, and PlayStation Classic prove, mini versions of classic consoles pre-loaded with games are all the rage. However, if you've got a few technical skills, you can create your own do-it-yourself (DIY) classic consoles. With the Odroid XU4 and OGST N64 Kit, you can make a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini. 

A Raspberry Pi running RetroPie, Recalbox, or Lakka is ideal for use as a retro gaming console. The MegaPi case boasts working power and reset buttons, an LED indicator on the front of the console, safe shutdown and restart functionality, EmulationStation metadata saving, and a hinged cartridge slot for microSD card storage. That's one of my favorite elements of previous RetroFlag releases. I prefer to use one operating system (OS) per microSD card, so onboard microSD card storage is a useful feature. I keep around a RetroPie microSD card, Raspbian microSD, and cards loaded with Lakka and Recalbox as well. 

Additionally, as with its SNES Raspberry Pi case, there's a matching MegaPi controller which emulates the look and layout of the Sega Megadrive gamepad. Ultimately, this is a must-buy for any hardcore retro gaming enthusiast. 

Your turn: What Raspberry Pi cases do you use?

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