Product of the week: Argon ONE M.2 Case for Raspberry Pi 4

In this episode of "Product of the Week," our Gadet Guru Robin Mitchell reviews the Argon One M2 case for the Raspberry Pi 4. The case is more than just a protective cover, as it contains the electronics needed to expand the Raspberry Pi 4 peripherals, and provide thermal and power management. The Argon One M2 has a sleek and sexy design, and the case is constructed from solid aluminum to protect the device from damage. The case also comes packed with tonsd of other features. 

Check out the video below:

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The Argon One M2 also integrates an internal daughter board that allows the Pi to connect to an internal M2 key SSD for faster booting times and larger storage. Additionally, the thermal management ensures that the Raspberry Pi stays cool even in the worst-case scenarios. The case provides several features, including an aluminum alloy frame, magnetic GPIO cover, printout of GPIO pins, internal thermal columns, and an active cooling option inside via a fan. Anyway...thats enough about the specs, just take a look at how stunning this thing is!

Argon One M2 case for the Raspberry Pi 4

Another great feature is the power button, which provides the Raspberry Pi with a physical on/off button, and an M2 key connector for connecting extra SSDs. Finally, the Argon One M2 case measures just 106 by 95 by 41 millimeters, making it very compact. There are a number of intresting applications for Argon One M2 case including a portable desktop computer (where it might get knocked around) and as a modern and chic NAS.

Argon One M2 case for the Raspberry Pi 4

In conclusion, the Argon One M2 case is an excellent add-on for the Raspberry Pi 4, with an internal SSD add-on that provides extra memory and faster boot times. The solid aluminum construction makes it extremely strong, and the space gray finish adds an aesthetic appeal. The Argon One M2 case is available at the Electromaker store, where you can also purchase the Raspberry Pi 4 and all the accessories needed for your project.

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