Highlights from Microchip Design Week 2024

Microchip, the renowned maker of AVR and PIC microcontrollers, hosted their highly anticipated Design Week 2024. This event showcased a plethora of innovative projects and insightful talks. A highlight of the week was the Maker Zone livestream on May 1st, where various projects were presented, demonstrating the versatility and capability of Microchip products.

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Maker Zone Livestream: A Closer Look at the Tank Battle Game

One of the presentation highlights during the Maker Zone livestream was the tank battle game project. Developed by Bob Martin, also known as the "Wizard of Make," this project featured a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) controlled tank. Utilizing Microchip's Curiosity Nano development boards and Arduino IDE compatibility, the tank battle game highlighted the ease of replicating and operating such a project. The game involved IR blasters and NES controllers, providing an engaging and interactive experience. For those interested, the first 30 minutes of the livestream is particularly informative.

NES Controller

Introduction to Bare Metal AVR Programming

Another significant highlight from Microchip Design Week was the introduction to Bare Metal programming with the ATtiny 1627. This segment, available on Microchip's developer help YouTube page, offers a comprehensive course on bare metal programming. It's an excellent resource for those looking to delve deeper into AVR and RISC-V development. The course is particularly appealing to hobbyists and professionals alike who have an Arduino or similar microcontroller at hand.

Microchip Design Week 2024 successfully showcased the cutting-edge projects and educational resources available to the maker community. From the engaging Maker Zone livestream to the detailed Bare Metal AVR programming course, there was something for everyone. These resources underscore Microchip's commitment to fostering innovation and learning within the tech community.

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