Build A Tracker Using Gps, Cellular And A Flutter Mobile App

Learn how to build a person or asset tracking system using a Cellular- and GPS-enabled Notecard and a Flutter-based mobile app.

Over-fermented Fruit Fermentation Using Wio Terminal

Monitoring over-fermented fruits by using WIO Terminal and Multichannel Gas Sensor, connected to Qubitro Cloud through MQTT.

Clisensio - Climate Sensing And Insect Infestation Control

SensiML Sensing and Control device to protect farmlands from future insects outbreaks and vector-borne diseases due to climate change.

Mouse Fatigue Estimation By Gsr And Emg Values W/ Tensorflow

Collate forearm muscle soreness data on the SD card, build and train a neural network model, and run the model directly on Wio Terminal.

Homemade Video Game Console Powered By Arduino

Youtube Video:

Irrigation Level Assessment By Thermal Imaging W/ Tensorflow

Collect irrigation level data by thermal imaging, build and train a neural network model, and run the model directly on Wio Terminal.


AI-powered autonomous checkout system for retail stores.

Notecade: Monitor Your Retro Gaming With The Notecard

Build a web-based dashboard to monitor your retro gaming with the Pimoroni Picade and the Blues Wireless Notecard.

Kinect-based Sentry Turret

You've seen them in video games an science fiction. You know you want to make your own.

Build Your Own Temperature Monitor With Meadow

Learn how to make a temperature monitor using an LM35 temperature sensor and a ST7789 SPI display using Meadow. Foundation driver library.

Hello World With Azure Sphere Mt3620 Starter Kit

A tutorial for Azure Sphere MT3620 starter kit in ubuntu platform. Will cover how to set up environment.How to flash a high level app etc

Mqtt Tutorial For Azure Sphere Mt3620

A tutorial for Azure sphere MT3620 MQTT implementation

Christmas Countdown Timer W/ An Lcd Display, Rtc And Meadow

Use Meadow. Foundation to quickly and easily wire up a LCD screen and a RTC module to make a Christmas countdown display.

Build An Fm Radio Player With Meadow

Learn how to make an FM radio with a TEA5767 radio module, push buttons and a I2C OLED display, all using Meadow. Foundation.

Soil Moisture Sensor And Led Bar Graph Using Meadow

Use Meadow. Foundation to quickly and easily wire up a Capacitive soil moisture sensor, and graph it using an LED bar graph.

Make A Basic Level With An Mpu6050, Four Leds And Meadow

Learn how to read data from an MPU6050 accelerometer/gyro sensor and control LEDs with your Meadow F7 Micro board using Meadow. Foundation.

Control A Servo With A Push Button Using Meadow

Learn how to control a servo using a push button with just a few lines of code using a Meadow F7 Micro board and Meadow. Foundation library.

Working With Graphics On A St7789 Display Using Meadow

Learn how to connect an SPI LCD display to your Meadow board to draw shapes, text and images with the Meadow. Foundation Graphics Library.