Arduino Week 2022 Wants You!

Every year, Arduino celebrates its birthday with a global event open to makers around the world. This year, Arduino's birthday is going to last a whole week! From 21-26 March 2022, there'll be presentations, talks, demonstrations, and first glimpses of what's to come from Arduino in the coming months.

On Saturday, March 26, Arduino hands over the reins to you: The Arduino Community. If you've got an idea for an event or workshop - online or in-person - submit it to Arduino and join the official map of community events!

Arduino Week

Applications to be included on the official roster of Arduino events close on March 14, and you can find other groups taking part in the event under the hashtag #ArduinoWeek2022

Arduino Wants You!

If you've never organized a community event before, don't worry. It can be a super-specific idea, a passion of yours you want to share, or just a hang out where you make stuff together, no matter how far apart you actually are! All groups, makerspaces, ages, and ability levels are welcome, and more information about taking part can be found on the Official Arduino Week FAQ.

There's a lot more going on than the community events though! Throughout the week you'll be able to watch live streams on the Arduino Week Home Page, and across social media. The full program will be released closer to the time, and available here!

Any Arduino, Any Idea

The great thing about the Arduino community is the breadth of the projects it produces. From the very first blinking LEDs of an Arduino Uno, right up to the industry-ready AI powerhouse of the Portenta H7, you'll find them all represented during Arduino Week.

We'll be celebrating too -but more on that closer to the time. For now, happy Arduino tinkering!

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