Best Arduino Experts, Hobbyists, and DIYers You Should Follow on Twitter

For makers, Arduino boards such as the Arduino UNO or Arduino Nano rank among the top microcontrollers available. Loads of Arduino projects are possible, from simply blinking an LED to creating a smart plant watering system. Overall, an Arduino starter kit is well worth the money. Whether you're a hardcore Arduino buff or just getting into the Arduino space, you'll want to find as many Arduino resources as possible. Check out the best Arduino experts you should follow on Twitter!

1. Arduino

The official Arduino Twitter account features news, software updates, and more about the fantastic open-source hardware platform. With over 250K followers, Arduino tweets about neat projects, events, hardware launches, software updates, and more. 

2. Amie DD

Maker, cosplayer, game developer, and software dev Amie DD is one of our heroes. Her projects include a super cool Zelda Princess Hilda staff with an Arduino. Cosplay is a subcategory of the maker space, and Amie fuses cosplay do-it-yourself (DIY) endeavors with electronics maker projects. Aside from Arduino, Amie is a 3D printing expert and frequently shares her completed and in-progress projects. Drop Amie a follow and join her more than 11K followers. 

3. David Curatielles

Arduino platform Co-founder David Cuartielles tweets often about tutorials, news, and more. Curatielles leads informative Arduino livecasts on topics such as connecting anemometers to Arduino UNOs, Arduino events, and Arduino programming. Add to his over 18K Twitter followers. 

4. Paul Stoffregen

Self-proclaimed overly ambitious project maker Paul Stoffregen is an Arduino, Teensy, and electronics guru. Stoffregen's projects include SPI shields with Arduino, experimenting with Teensyduino, Ethernet on Arduino, and ESP boards. 

5. Valentina

Arduino Product Marketing Manager, geek, DIY lover, and tech aficionado Valentia is a must-follow. An Arduino expert, her Twitter feed is populated with articles on STEM, women in tech, Arduino events, and breaking tech such as Arduino Science Kit Physics labs. 

6. Michael Shiloh

Maker, programmer, and published author Michael Shiloh is an incredible Arduino guru to follow on Twitter. Among his superb works, you'll find Getting Started with Arduino from O'Reilly, a comprehensive primer on all things Arduino. Shiloh blogs regularly at Teach me to Make, shares information on global hackerspaces, and Tweets about innovative hardware and software. 

7. Alina Spoon

Arduino guru, 3D printing enthusiast, and cosplayer Alina Spoon makes among the coolest projects we've seen. From Excalibur swords to 3D printed props, and STEM discussions, Alina is a brilliant maker. You can catch her regularly participating in panel discussions at the likes of Anime Los Angeles, and hitting up the likes of PAX East. Join her over 1.8K Twitter followers in enjoying content related to cosplay, IoT, and DIY electronics. 

8. Fabio Violante

As CEO at Arduino, Fabio Violante ranks among the top Arduino experts to follow on Twitter. Violante discusses Arduino board releases, kits, and events with his over 1.1K Twitter followers. 

9. Massimo Banzi

Arduino Co-founder Massimo Banzi is a renowned maker with over 40K Twitter followers. Banzi weighs in on a bevy of tech topics including artificial intelligence, app data security, and the Internet of Things. For talk about the latest tech trends, news, and opinions, Banzi is a go-to. 

10. The Arduino Guy

Aptly named, The Arduino Guy (real name: Mike McRoberts), is an all-around DIY wiz. The JavaScript, NodeJS, and Node-Red programmer holds the distinction of being the autohr of Beginning Arduino, a phenomenal resource for budding Arduino enthusiasts. His superb website, The Arduino Guy, features everything from an article on a RetroPie arcade cabinet build to a Blynk UI Internet-connected heating controller. 

11. Simon Monk

Monk Makes provides a smattering of excellent DIY kits such as an electronics starter kit for micro:bit. Monk Makes also hosts guides covering topics like getting started with its amplified speaker kit for Raspberry Pi, and he's a published author. Add to Monk's solid 4K Twitter followers. 

12. Marcel Kruse

Embedded software dude, test engineer, and Arduino projects buff Marcel Kruse is a source for nifty maker projects. He's whipped up an infinity mirror, wearables, and complex DIY electronics. Aside from tweeting about Arduino projects, Kruse chats about 3D printing, events, and Raspberry Pis. 

Top Arduino Experts and Hobbyists to Follow on Twitter

A quick Twitter search for Arduino-related topics reveals a bevy of tweets from a smattering of sources. You'll find anyone from Arduino official accounts to makers, hobbyists, and tech professionals. Here on Electromaker, we've got a robust collection of Arduino tutorials, reviews, and news. You might also consider following the best Raspberry Pi experts and hobbyists to follow on Twitter.

What Arduino hobbyists, DIYers, and experts do you follow on Twitter? 

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