Best Maker YouTube Channels to Follow

YouTube can be a great resource for learning. Regardless of where you are in your maker journey, videos on various do-it-yourself topics are fantastic tools. Whether you're seeking beginner-friendly tutorials, advanced project information, or simply want inspiration as a budding YouTuber, here are the best maker YouTube channels you need to follow.

Estefannie Explains it All

Estefannie is a renowned software engineer, designer, and DIYer. Dabbling in everything from 3D printing to electronics, Estefannie's YouTube channels features both builds and explainers. You'll find primers on the difference in Raspberry Pi boards and Arduino microcontrollers or what NFTs are. Plus, Estefannie builds some pretty rad stuff such as a 3D-printed Daft Punk helmet or Jurassic Park Goggles

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Blitz City DIY

Blitz City DIY aka Liz Clark is a brilliant creator, and the author of one of our favorite books, Practical Tinker Board. Clark's channel is chock-full of creative projects ranging from a tutorial for running Android TV on the Raspberry Pi to building musical instruments like a Eurorack DIY synth, or a Raspberry Pi Pico MIDI fighter. Liz is a versatile maker who shares her adventures in DIYing, ranging from maker boards to microcontrollers. There's a bit of everything on her channel, from spectacular synths to paper circuits, and other inventive explorations. In particular, we like Liz's frequent musical projects. 

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NotEnoughTECH (real name: Mat) is about, well, all things tech. Whether you're looking for a review of STEM kits like the Elecrow CrowPi2, tutorials for Wake on Lan, or smart home automation tutorials including a great overview of flashing ESP8266 NodeMCU on Windows, NotEnoughTECH has you covered. Mat has an entire NodeRED playlist for smart home automation aficionados. In addition to Mat's maker madness, we particularly enjoy a lot of his consumer tech content such as smartphone and wearable tech reviews. We also highly recommend checking out Mat's marvelous website for wonderful written reviews and tutorials. 

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Sophy Wong

Spectacular maker Sophy Wong is constantly creating something cool. Wong is especially adept at building wearable tech. Quite appropriately, Sophy authored the outstanding book Wearable Tech Projects. We really dig Sophy's cyberpunk LED jacket and Apollo 11 space door.

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Jeff Geerling

Jeff Geerling is a great DIYer to follow on YouTube. Geerling uploads tons of videos on terrific topics like setting up a Raspberry Pi cluster or Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 content. You can find a bevy of brilliant videos on everything from running OctoPrint on the Raspberry Pi to setting up a Raspberry Pi network-attached storage device. What's more, Jeff features loads of helpful primers on the Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, and lots of other subjects. 

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3D Printing Nerd

As the name suggests, 3D Printing Nerd, or Joel Telling, is a go-to source for all things 3D printing. From printer reviews to tutorials, Telling is a tremendous asset for 3D printing enthusiasts of any skill levels. Whether you're just dipping your toes into 3D printing or have a print farm, 3D Printing Nerd is an excellent YouTube channel.

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Charis Cat

Charis Cat is a seriously cool cat. Creator of inspiring projects such as an eight-step sequencer, Arduino multiplexer, and other fabulous DIY devices, Charis Cat is a talented tinkerer. Many of her projects are musical instruments like a pretty neat Arudino-based synthesizer. You can also check out Charis's Electromaker profile

Charis Cat

DIY Machines

Lewis Abburrow, better known as DIY Machines, builds, well...DIY machines! You'll find tons of practical builds including a smart chessboard, DIY Amazon Alexa curtain controls, a Star Wars BB8 that's Arduino-powered, and a robotic bartender. DIY Machines showcases loads of projects that highlight 3D printing, maker electronics, and the intersection of the two spaces. Many of Lewis's projects are available as kits that you can buy to easily replicate his rad creations. Check out DIY Machines on Electromaker!

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Shawn Hymel

Not only does Shawn Hymel have strong bowtie game, but the maker is a fabulous teacher for DIYers of all ages and skill levels. Hymel features an array of videos on topics such as machine learning, maker boards, and microcontrollers. Shawn has collaborated on videos with the likes of Digi-key, Microsoft MakeCode, micro:bit, and SparkFun. 

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Amie DD

Amie DD (Amie Double D, or Amie Dansby) is a super cool creator. The engineer, tech enthusiast, and video game developer was featured on "LEGO Masters." Accordingly, Amie features many different LEGO-based projects including LEGO Star Trek rank pins and a Bare Conductive Interactive LEGO wall. As a wearable tech buff, Amie builds a lot of cosplay items including a Zelda Princess Hilda LED staff and cyberpunk 3D-printed fabric light-up corset. Dansby is a must-follow for maker inspiration. 

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Step into Bitluni's Lab for loads of fascinating projects. Bitluni features a variety of videos on all sorts of maker topics including tutorials like making a Wi-FI doorbell and tips on resin 3D printing. You can learn a lot from Bitluni, such as how to add HDMI to the Raspberry Pi Pico

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Make it and Fake it

Clarissa of Make it and Fake It acclaim is a passionate DIYer. She's constantly uploading some fabulous project, whether that's LED jewelry, recycling a filament roll into a purse, or upcycling clothes. You can learn a lot about electronics tinkering, 3D printing, and sewing. We appreciate how Make it and Fake it showcases the intersection of several maker niches including 3D printing, DIY electronics, and analog media such as clothing. 

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Ellora James

Ellora James is a marvelous maker and serious must-follow maker on YouTube. Among her captivating projects, Ellora has a great Raspberry Pi for beginners video, an intro to soldering, and a Raspberry Pi time-lapse camera tutorial. We enjoy James's impressive video production, informative yet entertaining delivery, and beginner-friendly content that's accessible for all ages. 

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3D Printing Professor

Whether you're into making miniatures of practical prints, 3D printing can be a lot of fun. And 3D Printing Professor is a go-to for tips, tricks, and hot takes on the 3D printing space. His channel is a one-stop-shop for 3D printer reviews, 3D-printable design tutorials such as Blender tips, and plenty of other videos. Regardless of the topic, you're bound to learn a lot from 3D Printing Professor's educational and fun videos.

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Learning is a critical element of making. And Ingegza's explainer videos are absolutely magnificent. Integza is always innovating and building projects like a rotary wankel RC car, jet-powered office chair, or a 3D-printed Tesla earthquake machine. Additionally, Integza features great primers on different topics such as the boundary layer effect or sound. If you're eager to learn, Integza is a fountain of maker knowledge. 

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Maker's Muse

The aptly-named Maker's Muse channel features solid DIY content with a particular emphasis on 3D printing. From 3D-printed rolling objects to a Geneva mechanism, Maker's Muse has a boatload of informative videos to watch. We really like their 3D printing 101 and CAD for newbies courses which are magnificent educational series. 

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Scanlime (real name: Micah) makes fantastic creations like a pen wiggler, Plus, Micah does a lot of teardowns for different devices such as a Ring doorbell and active stylus. Bonus points for regular appearances by her cat, Tuco, who seems like a good boy. 

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Unexpected Maker

Unexpected Maker (Seon) is a fabulous maker. A veritable buffet of different DIY topics, Seon features guides for getting started with MicroPython, TinyPICO tutorials, and more awesome videos. Check in regularly for frequent live videos. 

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GreatScott! hosts some seriously, well, great, electronics how-tos, guides, and explainer videos. One of our favorite GreatScott tutorials chronicles building a portable retro game console that looks as good as a pre-built, store-bought unit. You'll also learn how to build a portable power station, discover how to use a car alternator with a bike to power a home, and more. Notably, GreatScott! has a fantastic electronics basics series that covers topics such as building a digital music player with I2S and building a tube amp. 

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8 Bits And A Byte

8 Bits and a Byte are perpetually bringing some fantasy into reality. Whether that's a Raspberry Pi cross stich, Bluetooth-controlled plumbob, or an Internet-controlled bubble machine, 8 Bits and a Byte stay at the forefront of DIYing. We especially appreciate how 8 Bits and a Byte often upcycle or retrofit different household items. For inspiration on how to rejuvenate many items around your house, subscribe to 8 Bits and a Byte on YouTube. 

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Hannah Makes

The fittingly-named YouTube channel Hannah Makes showcases things that renowned DIYer Hannah...makes! You're bound to learn something new, such as how to connect your micro:bit to the Internet, how to build a light-up dress, and creating an automatic hand-washing timer. Hannah has great delivery and dabbles in everything from maker electronics to pumpkin and cross stitching for videos that makers of all backgrounds can enjoy. 

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ETA Prime

Something of a single-board computer (SBC) encyclopedia, ETA Prime offers incredibly regular videos on maker boards and mini PCs. Gamers and emulation fanatics will love ETA Prime's hands-on tutorials and reviews. ETA Prime goes seriously in-depth in his testing. From gaming and emulation to media centre content, ETA Prime's videos boast hours of entertainment for makers and consumer tech buffs alike. 

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Drew Talks

For DIY videos, retro gaming how-tos, and reviews, Drew Talks is a godsend. Drew provides insightful tutorials and deep dives into Raspberry Pi retro gaming operating systems, plus tutorials on topics such as liquid cooling a Raspberry Pi. Emulation enthusiasts especially will enjoy Drew Talks. 

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Novaspirit Tech

Want to learn how to build cool stuff like a DIY Plex NAS or Raspberry Pi 4-based Android Auto head unit? Novaspirit Tech has you covered with terrific tutorials and reviews. Whether it's a look at a $79 3D printer or a review of the latest Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT, there's always a cool new video popping up on Novaspirit Tech's YouTube channel. 

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Raspberry Pi

The good folks over at Raspberry Pi have a great YouTube channel. Featuring everything from product launch videos to how-tos, the official Raspberry Pi YouTube channel is an excellent source of Raspberry Pi news along with tips and tricks. In a few clicks, you'll learn how to use the Raspberry Pi imager, find out what PIO is, or find out about fresh products such as the Raspberry Pi Pico.

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While there are many different microcontrollers on the market, Arduino make some of the best microcontroller units (MCUs) available. The official Arduino YouTube channel hosts awesome videos where you can learn about new hardware and software updates, delve into educational programming, and discover Arduino project builds. If you're new to the Arduino platform or simply want to stay up to date on hardware and software updates, the Arduino YouTUbe channel is an excellent resource. 

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Blues Wireless

For a smattering of solutions to real-world challenges built with maker devices, check out Blues Wireless. Featuring exciting projects such as a Raspberry Pi optimized for off-grid use and a remote sensing mailbox complete with SMS text alerts, Blues Wireless builds brilliant IoT projects that can enrich and enhance your everyday life. We dig their professional delivery and easy-to-follow IoT projects. 

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Must-Subscribe Maker YouTube Channels - Final Thoughts

Although these are our favorite maker YouTube channels to follow, there are plenty of other channels to watch including our own Electromaker YouTube channel. Have a favorite channel from our curated selection? Got a suggestion of a maker YouTube channel we missed? Comment below and share your favorite DIY YouTube channels to watch!

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