Lego Interactive Wall

About the project

My little brother works for Facebook and in Building 14 they have an amazing LEGO wall! I knew I needed one in my house!

Project info

Difficulty: Moderate

Platforms: AdafruitBare Conductive

Estimated time: 1 day

License: MIT license (MIT)

Items used in this project

Hardware components

Mini External USB Stereo Speaker Mini External USB Stereo Speaker You only need to buy this you don't purchase the Bare Conductive Starter Kit x 1
Bare Conductive Touch Board Bare Conductive Touch Board x 1
Bare Conductive Paint Pen Bare Conductive Paint Pen x 1
Copper Tape add-on Copper Tape add-on x 1

Hand tools and fabrication machines

LEGO Baseplates LEGO Baseplates I found that you have a limit of how many official LEGO baseplates you can buy from Amazon I went into a LEGO store to order 117 x 117


Interactive LEGO Wall

My little brother works for Facebook and in Building 14 they have an amazing LEGO wall! I knew I needed one in my house! LEGO has always been my therapeutic way to calm or wind down for the night. It's my way of relaxing.

LEGO Wall in Building 14 at Facebook

I decided to use the Bare Conductive Touch Board and Electric Paint to make my LEGO wall interactive and come to life!

You don't need to know any programming for this project.

Step 1: Bill of Materials (BOM) List

Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit

The Touch Board Kit includes:

1 / 2Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit

  • 1 x MicroSD card! Wahoo!
  • 1 x Touch Board
  • 1 x Electric Paint 10ml Tube
  • 1 x Electric Paint 50ml Jar
  • 1 x Guidebook
  • 1 x MicroSD Card Reader
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Mini Speaker
  • 10 x Alligator Clips
  • 1 x Stencil
  • 1 x Stencil Brush
  • 12 x Sticky Tabs
  • 3 x Velcro Stickers
  • 2 x Paper Cutouts

Step 2: LEGO Baseplates

I used 92 x Blue LEGO Base plates that measure 32x32 studs or 10" square.

1 / 3

You can make the wall any size you want.

You don't have to drill sheets of plywood into your wall, you could just use the Liquid Nails to apply the LEGO Baseplates to your wall. I choose to use plywood and a few screws so if I ever sell my house one day I wouldn't have to sheetrock the walls when trying to remove the LEGO baseplates.

I let the wall completely dry for 24 hours before I started to add brick designs and electronics.

Step 3: Bare Conductive Touch Board

Power Up

1 / 3

Plug your micro USB cable into the Touch Board. You can power the board directly from your computer or from a USB charger. Make sure the on/off switch at the bottom left hand corner of your Touch Board is switched to ON. You should see the green light next to the on/ off switch come on. This means your Touch Board is live.

Audio Jack

Plug your speaker (or headphones) into the audio jack on the top left hand corner of your board.


Now, touch the electrode on the upper lefthand corner of your board. Can you hear Becky’s voice? The electrodes are the twelve golden squares that run along the top edge of your Touch Board. They are numbered E0 to E11. Listen to the Audio Guide to find out more about the Touch Board and it’s different features. Once you’ve explored it and you’re ready to upload your own sounds, just move on to the next tutorial.

Schematics, diagrams and documents

Fritzing Layout

You can power the Touch board through the JST connector, or through the Micro-USB port. You can use Electric Paint or Copper tape from each electrode on the Touch Board

Powering the Touch Board

You can power the touch board through the Micro-USB or a battery with a JST Connector


No Programming Needed

You just need to change the Audio Files to add your own sound FX


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