Plant Music Generation

A device that attaches to plants through electrodes, increases their electrical impulses and re-adapts them to sound waves to create an enjoyable melody

Diy Audio Memes Button (arduino + Dfminimp3)

A button that plays mp3 files uploaded to a micro SD card. The project is based on the Arduino board and the DFminiMP3 audio module

Ch32v003 Fm Radio Receiver

Portable Digital FM Radio Receiver with RDS

Arduino Flower-shaped Project

This project is a creative Arduino circuit, designed in the shape of a flower. Featuring LEDs with customizable blinking patterns – random, spinning, or synced with ambient sound.

Smart Christmas Tree

Phone and Alexa Controlled RGB Christmas Tree Lights with WS2811 LEDs and ESP32

The Guitar Active Pickguard – Version 2

Crossing Over with the Nordic nRF7002 Wi-Fi 6 Companion IC and the NXP i.MX RT685

Ble Spotify Controller - Unleash The Beat!

Tired of reaching for your device every time you want to change a song or adjust the volume? Say hello to this ESP32-powered Spotify remote

The Musical Toilet Experience

Transformed a toilet into a musical experience with the Wii theme! It also has a 'mood', urging or discouraging use.


DIY RGB Stereo VU Meter | Multi Color with Patterns | Arduino Nano and WS2812B

Remake Of S. Francis Writing Machine

Modern QWERTY keyboards are simply not challenging enough. Let's use a piano roll instead!

Halloween Shield

The night before a Halloween party I thought - wouldn't it be cool to add a sound-responsive element to my costume?

Disco Ball Dispenser

Too many times have I had a spontaneous disco party erupt in my house, but without a disco ball it's not a disco party it's time to change I

Oscilloscope For Raspberry Pi Led Matrix

A plug and play oscilloscope that reads from an audio interface. Plug it into guitars, mics, music devices, anything that can be read from your interface. Visualize anything that makes sound

Bareboat Necessities

With BBN OS you can build a central boat computer. BBN OS is free and open source. It is based on commonly used community supported open source projects such as SignalK, PyPilot, OpenCPN, and others. BBN OS graphical user interface will let you build a cockpit front-end to all functionality of the OS from chartplotting, dashboar

Opencv Hand Piano

Buzzer plays certain notes depending on the amount of fingers you have up.

An Instrument That You Play With Your Pee

This is an instrument that you play with your pee. Using scotch tape, tinfoil, and electrical tinkering pieces I put together an instrument that you play with your pee. Its cool to people who don't know how it works, and basic to veterans. Sorry if the image isn't 100% accurate.

The Nap Button

A simple project that uses an old Speaker pHAT and a Pi Zero to make a nice-sleep inducing sound, on the press of a button.

Esp32 Bluetooth Low Energy Midi Footswitch

An open-source fully programmable BLE MIDI footswitch