Best Maker Podcasts

There are a lot of ways you can supplement your DIY journey. Books on topics such as the Arduino or Raspberry Pi can be phenomenal resources, and maker YouTube channels are terrific for all sorts of learning opportunities. In addition to reading books, watching videos, and having the proper tools in your maker space, you'll want to listen to podcasts about maker topics. We love podcasts so much that we even release our weekly Electromaker Show as a podcast. Check out the best maker podcasts that you need to download!


The Electomaker Podcast!

Did you know you can listen to an audio-only version of The Electromaker Show? That's right! You can now listen to your favorite maker & embedded show while you are working, running, cooking, cleaning, or even...sleeping (yes, we have had reports of some people listening to Ian's soothing voice to help them get to sleep!

For those that have never seen or listened to The Electromaker Show, it's a weekly roundup of all things maker and embedded and lovely! if you enjoy hearing about Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects or new, interesting products and funding campaigns that fit into the nice maker and embedded lifestyle you might enjoy our show.

We also give away free hardware on almost every show so if you are interested in listening to our Podcast then select your favorite platform from the list below and subscribe!

Hackaday Podcast

The Hackaday Podcast is an outstanding audio adventure for do-it-yourselfers. With episodes covering everything from semiconductor chip shortages and hacking Apple AirTags to Adruino floppy drives and other subjects, there's something for everyone. Ranging from 3D printing, robotics, and circuit boards to software programming and machinery, the Hackaday Podcast is a must-listen. 

Really Useful Podcast

MakeUseOf runs the Really Useful Podcast, hosted by MUO's own editor Christian Cawley. Tune in for discussions of all sorts of technology-oriented discussions such as a breakdown of Android Auto, demystification of cryptocurrency topics like Dogecoin and Chia, an analysis of sustainability in electronics, and other neat topics. Truly living up to its name, the Really Useful Podcast is, well, quite handy. In addition to its excellent coverage of maker-y stories, the Really Useful Podcast delves into loads of interesting consumer tech topics too. 


Not only does Balena offer essential maker software like Etcher and BalenaOS, but its podcast is fantastic as well. With its first-ever episode that dropped on June 1, 2021, the balenaPodcast may be relatively new, but it means business. Episode one features Raspberry Pi Foundation Founder Eben Upton talking computing for education, computing education, hardware quality control, and other insightful DIY subjects. With Upton as its first guest, the balenaPodcast is a promising newcomer to the maker podcast space. 

Self-hosted Podcast

From Jupiter Broadcasting comes the Self-hosted podcast. Hosts Alex Kretzschmar and Chris Fisher discuss a slew of different software-centric topics like smart home operating system Home Assistant, media server software such as Plex, ZFS, and other topics. Subscribe for spectacular open-source and self-hosted software content. 

SBC Gaming Podcast

Single-board computers (SBCs) are extremely popular for all sorts of purposes. Retro gaming isn't only fun, but emulation can serve the valuable service of retro video game preservation. There are tons of SBCs for gaming, and the aptly-named SBCGaming Podcast is your source for maker board gaming information. Subscribe to start listening to discussions of the handheld RG351, talks about Dosbox Pure, chats on Twister OS, Retropie ramblings, and more!

Unprofessional Engineering

Unprofessional Engineering is an outstanding podcast about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects. It's a good option for all-ages with episodes on a variety of topics like wireless electricity and a breakdown of company Texas Instruments (TI). In addition to maker-centric episodes, you'll find discussions on nuclear waste disposal and deep-sea drilling. 

Stemiverse Podcast

On the Stemiverse podcast, Dr. Peter Dalmaris, author of Maker Education Revolution and the founder of Tech Explorations, chats with various STEM educators and experts. Guests include Dan Mantz, Jon Evans, Philip Mallon, Richard Park, Martin Zwigl, and more marvelous makers. 

Programming Electronics Academy Podcast

Programming plays a big part in the maker sphere. Programming Electronics Academy bring to you the Programming Electronics Academy Podcast. Episodes include talks on Arduino simulators and Arduino's used in schools, TinkerCAD, and bring products to market. The Programming Electronics Academy Podcast features renowned guests including John Teel of Predictable Designs. It's a great podcast with a broad range of guest hosts and topical coverage for DIYers of any background. 

Best Maker Podcasts You Should Listen to - Final Thoughts

Podcasts can be fun distractions for driving around, taking public transit, or simply kicking around the house. While these are our favorite maker podcasts, you can find other DIY-focused podcasts too. What maker, tech, and DIY electronics podcats do YOU recommend?

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