Top Raspberry Pi Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

The Raspberry Pi stands as arguably the most popular single-board computer on the market. It's a utilitarian maker board capable of several projects ranging from a retro gaming console and low-powered HTPC to a smart home automation hubs and advanced robotics. Whether for inspiration, tutorials, or news, check our the top Raspberry Pi experts you should follow on Twitter!

1. Raspberry Pi

What better place to start with Raspberry Pi experts to follow on Twitter than with the official Raspberry Pi Twitter account? The Raspberry Pi Foundation shares a bevy of valuable content, from breaking hardware and software release news to tutorials and fun facts. Notably, the Raspberry Pi Foundation regularly shares events such as Picademy. 

2. Raspberry Pi Kid

Krystal first started dabbling with Raspberry Pi boards, robotics, and STEM applications at the young age of 11. Her transformation continues as the winner of NCWITAIC, and US Army of Educational Outreach Program (USAEOP) apprentice, gets hands-on with everything from science fairs to Pi projects and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Check out her awesome blog and drop Raspberry Pi Kid a Twitter follow. 

3. Philip Colligan

As CEO of the Raspberry Pi foundation and Coder Dojo director, expect tons of Philip Colligan's tweets to feature a slice of Pi. Join his over 7,000 followers in enjoying his thoughts on tech reads, events, and more.

4. Michael (Mike) Horne

Self-professed Raspberry Pi fan and blogger at PiPod Mike Horne is a must-follow Raspberry Pi enthusiast. You'll enjoy his regular Raspberry Pi projects such as a pi-top v2 review, Raspberry Pi Python library-powered robots like the OhBot, and local (to him) meetups.

5. Lorraine Underwood

Raspberry Pi-certified educator, admitted Microbit ED groupie, and renowned maker Lorraine Underwood is one of my favorite Twitter accounts on the web. The regular conference attendee frequently shares her work with Pi boards, laser cutters, and other phenomenal maker tech. Add to her follower list which is over 3,000 and includes the likes of Maker Faire UK and Hackaday. You can read her writings on Lorraine's website, as well as in print. 

6. Carrie Anne Philbin

The Raspberry Pi Foundation's Director of Informal Learning, Carrie Ann Philbin, tweets often about IT, computer science, and of course Raspberry Pis. With over 14K followers, she's a well-known Raspberry Pi expert to follow on Twitter. In addition to teaching, Philbin teaches at the likes of We Are Tech Women offering sessions such as Python coding lessons. 

7. Jon Witts

Raspberry Pi and Google Certified Educator Jon Witts shares awesome Raspberry Pi-filled content. Witts is a published author, and shares project ideas such as using a Raspberry Pi for turning an old network printer into a Google Cloud printer. 

8. Pete Lomas

Director of Engineering at Norcot, Pete Lomas is the co-creator of Raspberry Pi and exhibits a passion for STEM. He's a regular tweeter, discussing Raspberry Pi Jams, the state of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, 3D modeling, and STEM.  

9. James Robinson

Picademy Programme Manager James Robinson features tons of Raspberry Pi content. You'll find his tweets regularly cover the likes of Python programming for the Raspberry Pi, Computing At School meetups, and LEGOs because who doesn't love LEGOs?

10. Emily Johnson

Looking for a job with the Raspberry Pi Foundation? Follow Emily Johnson, People & Culture Manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Outside of Pi stuff, Johnson is a confessed Fleetwood Mac obsessive, foodie, and photographer. Drop Emily a follow, and stay updated on Raspberry Pi Foundation job openings, women in STEM, and more! 

11. Russell Barnes

Writer and Publishing Director at Raspberry Pi Foundation Russell Barnes is an excellent Raspberry Pi expert you should follow on Twitter. He often shares neat write ups from the likes of HackSpace Magazine, Wireframe Magazine, and The MagPi. Aside from tech talk, Barnes appears to be a film buff like myself, so he's certainly worth a follow. 

12. Mike Darby

Mike Darby is a brilliant maker and YouTuber. His Raspberry Pi-based concoctions include a Star Trek robotics project, a "Terminator"-inspired talking skull, and Pocket Pi. If you're a fellow geek and maker, definitely add to Mikey D's followers list. 

13. Ben Nuttall

Community Manager at Raspberry Pi Foundation and Opensource Way columnist, Ben Nuttall is a seasoned Raspberry Pi guru. In addition to his Pi savviness, Nuttall dabbles in Linux and Python. Ben holds the distinction of being the Pi Wheels and GPIO Zero creator. Join his over 8K Twitter followers and check out his website which is chock full of superb content. 

14. Pi Supply

While there are tons of Raspberry Pi makers and DIYers to follow on Twitter, loads of companies and organizations are worth subscribing to as well. Pi Supply is a UK-based Raspberry Pi board and maker tech shop. Here, you'll find tons of HATs, accessories, and more. Notably, its IoT LoRa board is a cool device to keep up with. 

15. Pimoroni

Likewise, Pimoroni is maybe best known for its Pibow case and Picade retro Raspberry Pi arcade, as well as Picade Console. The only reason not to follow Pimoroni is if you enjoy your money in your wallet, because we guarantee you'll want every product they carry.

Top Raspberry Pi Experts to Follow on Twitter: Final Thoughts

Ultimately, there are tons of worthy candidates for Raspberry Pi thought leaders on Twitter. If you haven't already done so, you should follow Electromaker on Twitter. We've got some wonderful tutorials and editorials on the Raspberry Pi and more. Our very own Les Pounder is a fantastic source for Pi content, as well as robotics projects. You can follow me on Twitter as well for tech talk, film chat, and overall geekiness. 

What Raspberry Pi experts do you follow on Twitter? 

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