Best Smart Home DIYers You Should Follow on Twitter

While there are loads of smart home projects ready for use out of the box, you can easily make tons of do-it-yourself (DIY) smart home projects. These range from smart home hubs to Arduino-based automatic plant watering systems, and moisture watering machines. For inspiration, you might turn to Twitter, a thriving scene populated with maker, tech, and DIY projects. Check out the best smart home DIYers and hobbyists you should follow on Twitter!

1. Mateusz Zolnierczyk

Mateusz Kolnierczyk tweets under the moniker of Not Enough Tech. Among his top projects, you'll find a smart thermostat retrofit for building your own Nest, as well as a Plex music streaming server. His website, Not Enough Tech, brims over with nifty tutorials for the likes of PuTTYy, IFTTT, and more. Mat regularly shares his own articles, and weights in on 3D printing, Android devices, and more. 

2. Andy Grimley

Self-professed geek and the brains behind SmartShepshed, Andy Grimley is a must-follow. A technical support engineer at Campbell Scientific LTD., Grimley maintains a passion for meterology. This translates into his fantastic smart home projects, such as his crop growth monitor. Drop Grimley a follow and stay up to date on his Raspberry Pi tinkering, meteorology chat, and general hobbyist discussions.  

3. Carlo Costanzo

YouTuber, blogger, and smart home automation guru Carlo Costanzo boasts an impressive resume. Costanzo regularly writes about Home Assitant, setting up IP cameras on Roku TV devices, VMware, and a variety of smart home topics. These range from beginner-friendly projects to hardcore maker endeavors. Add to Costanzo's over 2,000 Twitter followers and keep up with his DIYing. 

4. Sarah-Jayne Gratton 

Tech influencer and writer Sarah-Jayne Gratton delivers a hearty dose of thought leadership. Her website delves into connected tech including an analysis of 5G, smart cities, plus coverage of artificial intelligence, Big Data, and a bevy of tech subjects. Gratton is a go-to for breaking trends in both smart home automation and industrial IoT. 

5. Julie Jacobson

The self-branded "home automation girl," Julie Jacobson is a must-watch for any smart home hobbyist. The CE Pro Founding Editor touches on everything from Wi-Fi load centers to the Amazon Tap, and even Tablo TV tuners. Truly, Jacobson recognizes the convergence of several spaces including smart homes, industrial IoT, and the home theatre PC (HTPC) sphere.

6. Paul Freeman-Powell

Award-winning content creator Paul Freeman-Powell offers tutorials such as an ultimate smart door lock for a DIY home security system with a Raspberry Pi. Catch Freeman-Powell authoring articles in Hack Space Magazine on home automation with Open ALPR and Raspberry Pi, watch his videos on the likes of the Google Home, and more. 

7. Mike Parks

Engineer, maker, and open-source software advocate Mike Parks boasts an impressive portfolio. He's contributed to Mouser's Bench Talk,, and Thingverse. Among his rad projects, you'll find automated window blinds, a stepper motor for pets (yes, your furry counterparts deserve smart home automation toys as well), and a breakdown of smart buildings as being thrifty. 

8. Elecia White

Embedded systems consultant Elecia White is the renowned author of O'Reilly book Make Embedded Systems, and host of Embedded FM, an embedded engineering podcast. For a deep dive into IoT hardware and software, check out White's website which offers everything from an overview of SPI buses and UART, to working with microcontrollers. 

9. Bitluni

Among the most exciting makers, Bitluni is certainly a must-follow. From messing with ESP32 boards to creating a persistence of vision lightsaber, Bitluni exhibits a technical mastery of DIY tech. Projects such as his home automation lamp show his smart home and home automation prowess. Join Bitluni's followers in enjoying his tweets on the maker space. 

10. Wilderness Labs Inc.

Netduino makers and creators of Meadow, Wilderness Labs provide awesome IoT projects such as a soul moisture monitoring device and even a Netduino-powered coffee maker. Because of their hardware and software expertise, as well as varied tutorials, Wilderness Labs is a smart home DIYer to follow on Twitter. 

11. Smart Home Beginner

Formerly htpcBeginner, Smart Home Beginner's focus shifted to cover, well, smart home topics. What makes Smart Home Beginner stand out is its onus on the convergence of the smart home and home theatre PC spaces. Moreover, Smart Home Beginner remains staunch in its continued coverage of both consumer smart home tech such as the best free Wi-Fi camera apps for home security monitoring to getting started with Google Assistant and IFTTT, and running Pi Hole on Docker with Ubuntu.

12. DZone

For a fresh perspective on the smart home space, hit up DZone. This community for developers and tech professionals tackles the Internet of Things and home automation from a developer standpoint. From its tutorials to articles on IoT pain points, theory, and industrial IoT thought leadership, DZone is a phenomenal resource for articles, guides, and more. 

Best Smart Home DIYers, Hobbyists, and Makers to Follow on Twitter

Whether you're looking to develop smart home tech for commercial reasons, make your own DIY smart home tech, or just want to stay up to date on smart home automation and smart home control, there are loads of accounts to follow on Twitter. Electromaker features a thriving selection of smart home articles, from the best DIY smart home tech you can make to how to create a Raspberry Pi smart home hub

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