ComputArte Puts Private AI in the Living Room

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to integrate into everyday applications. From facial recognition software to expedite customs lines to improved gaming experiences, AI boasts increasingly practical use cases. Likewise, smart speakers and virtual assistants such as Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana are common findings in households. You'll find smart assistants in devices ranging from phones to smart speakers and everything in-between. But growing concerns about monitoring incentivize consumers to seek alternative smart products. Do-it-yourself (DIY) virtual assistants such as Mycroft, or Raspberry Pi-based smart home hubs with the likes of OpenHAB and Enter ComputArte, an Italian company with an AI and smart home product engineered for security and style.

ComputArte Offers Private AI for the Living Room

Whereas the majority of smart home products feature cloud connectivity, ComputArte eschews any sort of cloud functionality. Instead, the device runs entirely on-premise. A clever play on words, ComputArte offers its various devices in a variety of aesthetically-pleasing design such as cats. Thus, its loyal tech hubs may be placed anywhere in the home. Unlike rack mount servers or even traditional desktop form factor servers and utilitarian metal mesh grille smart products, ComputArte masquerades as a decoration. 

computarte loyal tech ai smart home hubDigging into its hardware and software, ComputArte accomplishes the same purpose as an Echo Dot or Google Home Mini. But rather than offering voice commands which are then analyzed by cloud-based software, all software runs on-premises. Since the server is home-based, there's no worry about being spied on. Moreover, there's a smart home hub feature as well. Blockchain implementation offers security and trust. 

Aside from its voice assistant capabilities, ComputArte provides a smart home hub as well. But the two components are separated on different partitions for increased security. Since ComputArte runs on a Linux-based distribution (distro) and standard x86 PC hardware, it's simple enough to connect many smart home products that use the likes of ZigBee and Z-Wave. Plus, there are loads of different RAM and hard drive options. With Its PC architecture, ComputArte seems poised for customization. Perhaps it could double as a home theatre PC (HTPC) and media server as well for a true all-in-one smart home hub and virtual assistant. 

Your turn: Would you adopt an on-premises smart home hub and voice assistant like ComputArte?  

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