3D Printing Experts, Enthusiasts, and Hobbyists You Should Follow on Twitter

3D printing continues to become more popular. Because of increasingly affordable 3D printers such as the Elegoo Neptune, it's an accessible maker endeavor. Additionally, there's a growing versatility to 3D printing. Breakthroughs reveal the potential to 3D print organs, food, and prosthetics, as well as do-it-yourself projects such as coin counters, droids, and smart home tech. If you're looking for a means to truly elevate your 3D printing journey, forums and websites provide nifty tutorials, advice, and 

1. 3D Printing Industry

The aptly-named 3D Printing Industry Twitter account boasts that it's the leading source of 3D printing news, industry insights, and more. With over 101K followers, 3D Printing Industry indeed boasts a massive reach. Its stellar thought leadership provides key research on best 3D printers, new hardware, and even contests. Plus, for makers seeking jobs in the 3D printing realm, 3D Printing Industry regularly shares job listings. If you're even remotely interested in 3D printers, this is a must-follow. 

2. Makerbot

It's impossible to discuss the best 3D printers without mentioning MakerBot. The MakerBot ranks as a truly high-performance 3D printer. As such, you'll find tons of tweets about Makerbot hardware as well as STEM endeavors. What's more, MakerBot hosts live MakerBot Studio video streams to showcase the likes of industrial design. With a smattering of thought leadership, MakerBot shares loads of quality content about 3D printing for its more than 152K followers. 

3. LulzBot

Among the most innovative 3D printing companies, you'll find the Loveland, Colorado-based LulzBot. Embracing the open-source community, LulzBot offers free software and open-source hardware for 3D printers such as filaments and other parts. LulzBot highlights not only its own 3D printers such as the TAZ Pro, but also fantastic community content such as neat 3D printed projects. It's delightful to see how LulzBot highlights its vast, supportive community. 

4. 3DPrinting.com

As its name suggests, 3DPrinting.com provides comprehensive 3D printing coverage. With over 23K followers, 3DPringint.com boasts a solid following. Its Twitter feed stays populated with breakthroughs in the 3D printing space, best 3D printers and accessories, plus trend analysis. Aside from 3D printing, there's even discussion of other tech advancements such as autonomous vehicles and automated breathing apparatuses. 

5. Thingiverse

If you've even researched 3D printing, you've probably come across Thingiverse. This maker community from MakerBot features a bevy of 3D printable designs freely available for download. In a few clicks, you'll be on your way to downloading Thing files which you can send to 3D printers. There's functionality to remix it, share, and tip designers. Although designs are free to download and print, it's best to tip designers if you appreciate their work. Aside from 3D printed design files, Thingiverse hosts an education section with webinars, guides, and more. 

6. All3DP

What better source for 3D printing content than the aptly-titled All3DP, with its self-explanatory subtitle of "All about 3D printing." You'll find articles on 3D printing textile fibers, 3D printed cuisine, hardware reviews, and neat write-ups such as 3D printed Pokémon figures. An excellent editorial site focused solely on 3D printing, All3DP provides engaging reads. Join All3DP's over 9K Twitter followers to remain updated on 3D printing news, reviews, and more! 

7. Printing Everyday 

3D printing expert Jess Hedstrom is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and founder at Printing Everyday. In addition to her Twitter account, Jess runs a solid podcast available in iTunes, Stitcher, and more. Drop this awesome 3D printing expert a follow and stay abreast of 3D printing and maker tech. 

8. Prusa3D

Because Prusa produces arguably the 3D printer industry standard with its printers, Prusa is a top 3D printing thought leader on Twitter. You'll find Prusa3D sharing product updates, firmware releases, and software such as its Slic3r available on GitHub. If you're just getting started with 3D printing, Prusa offers tutorials for the likes of calibration, further making Prusa an industry leader. Look out for Pursa hitting up a bevy of events such as maker faires and conferences. 

9. 3D Printing News

What better source for 3D printing news than, well, 3D Printing News? With a whopping 58K followers, 3D Printing News shares loads of articles from 3D Print, ranging from research papers to 3D printing awards and nominations, to in-depth analysis of bioprinting. Ultimately, for the latest in 3D printing trends, add to the 58K followers list of 3D Printing News. 

10. 3D Printing Fans

If you're reading this article, changes are you're a 3D printing buff. As such, you should add to the 21K Twitter followers of 3D Printing Fans. Boasting coverage of the latest and greatest 3D printing and 3D scanning news, 3D Printing Fans also maintains a robust shop page. 

11. Elegoo 

While it's not specifically focused on 3D printing, Elegoo is an excellent Twitter account for makers. Their Elegoo Neptune 3D printer slides in as the best 3D printer under $500 and its Elegoo Mars UV photocuring LCD 3D printer is among the best cheap 3D printers as well. Aside from 3D printers, Elegoo dabbles in Arduino kits and overall maker tech. Elegoo regularly tweets about 3D printed foods, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and many other maker trends. 

3D Printing Experts, Enthusiasts, and Hobbyists You Should Follow on Twitter

If you're looking to transform your 3D printing, you're luckily not alone. From communities to companies and individual makers, there are tons of resources online for 3D printing. Whether you're seeking the best printers and accessories, the latest news on the 3D printing space, or tutorials and troubleshooting, there's help on Twitter. Plus, we've got a robust catalog of 3D printing tutorials here on Electromaker.

What 3D printing Twitter accounts do you follow? 

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