Discovery Series Logic Analyzers Give You 1GS/s Speed on All Channel

When it comes to building a robust digital system, testing and debugging play a significant role in its making. With the technology advancing day by day, the digital circuits are becoming faster and more complex, making it difficult for the conventional oscilloscopes to trace and debug them. This is where a Logic Analyzer comes into play for catching these digital signals. With the Discovery series logic analyzers from Prodigy Technovations, the process of capturing and debugging digital signals becomes even more effortless than ever. Together with a small form factor and an easy-to-use GUI, the Discovery series logic analyzers are well suited for hobbyists, small engineering teams, and startup enthusiasts.

Discovery series logic analyzer

Prodigy Technovations, the leading provider of innovative protocol analysis solutions, has designed the Logic Analyzer for Embedded Interfaces. Also identified as PGY-LA-EMBD, the logic analyzers have the built-in capability of decoding I2C, SPI, UART, I3C, SPMI, and RFFE Protocols. . “Current generation embedded designers need to collect data from multiple interfaces such as I2C, SPI, UART, I3C, SPMI and RFFE and process it to achieve optimal performance of their designs. Embedded design teams need to take timely action to meet the intended objectives of the product,” says Prodigy Technovations on the product page. “PGY-LA-EMBD simultaneously decodes I2C, SPI, and UART bus and displays the protocol activity with timestamp information. Protocol Decoding of I3C, SPMI, and RFFE is also supported. PGY-LA-EMBD is an ideal instrument to debug the hardware and embedded software integration issues and optimize the software performance.”

Key Highlights of Discovery Series Logic Analyzers

Discovery series logic analyzer

The Logic Analyzer for Embedded Interfaces combines a logic analyzer and a protocol analyzer. This feature makes it an all-in-one solution for debugging embedded systems. The user gets up to 1GS/s sampling speed on all of its channels and can capture glitches of up to 1ns. The PGY-LA-EMBD also features a state speed of 100MHz (synchronous capture). The Discovery series logic analyzers can perform simultaneous protocol analysis of I2C, SPI, and UART interfaces while also having protocol decode support of I3C, SPMI and RFFE protocols in embedded designs. With this, the user can capture the bus data from these protocols simultaneously and display it in a time-correlated view with corresponding time waveforms. It is a feature that most PC-based Logic analyzer designers do not provide in the market.

The Discovery series logic analyzers provide advanced triggering capabilities. These include Auto, Pattern, Protocol awareness (I2C, SPI, UART, I3C, SPMI, and RFFE ), and timing (pulse width and delay). The PGY-LA-EMBD also features smart continuous streaming of data to the HDD /SSD of the host computer through a USB 3.0 interface. With this, the Logic analyzer does not limit the amount of data captured and entirely depends on the external storage capacity. 

Models and Specifications

Prodigy Technovations provides a 16 Channel Logic Analyzer. The Discovery Series Logic Analyzer supports logic levels between 1.2V and 5V. The PGY-LA-EMBD has a connector for a flying lead probe cable and supports external triggers through an SMA connector. There are status LEDs that indicate different conditions such as Trigger found, Trigger set, Capture start, and Capture Stop. The Logic analyzers have dimensions of 140mmx100mmx35mm and weigh 200gms in total. 

Software Support of Discovery Series Logic Analyzers

Since PGY-LA-EMBD is a PC-based Logic Analyzer, the user needs to download the software from Prodigy Technovation’s website. After that, simply plug in the USB cable to your PC, and it is good to go. The software interface is simple and to the point, making the configuration very easy. After installing the software, select the mode of operation, number and types of input channels, and corresponding signal threshold levels.

Discovery series logic analyzer

The interface displays a single page of information about all the connected input channels. The software provides timing analysis, state analysis, and protocol analysis. According to Prodigy Technovations, the Timing view is a unique capability of the PGY-LA-EMBD, enabling designers to get detailed insights into their signals timing information. Users get the flexibility to select sampling rates which allows them to investigate glitches in their designs.

Discovery series logic analyzer

Finally, the protocol activity window gives system-level insight to the design team. There are separate decode windows for each interface to provide better insights. After analyzing the data, the software can export the report in PDF or CSV format. It includes details of all the signal information, plots, and custom details like the name of the company, logo, tester name, date, and time to ensure designers can document all details and share the report.

Pricing and Availability

The Discovery series logic analyzer retails for $1500. Interested customers can book the products on its product page or request a demo before buying them. The product page is the source of all the technical specifications and images used.

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