Embedded World 2023: Texas Instruments Releases New ARM Cortex-M0 Plus Microcontroller Family

At Embedded World 2023, Texas Instruments unveiled its newest product line, the MSPM0 microcontroller series, which features both the MSPM0L and MSPM0G sub-series. The MSPM0L sub-series is equipped with a 32 MHz CPU, up to 64 kB of flash memory, and 4 kB SRAM, while the MSPM0G sub-series boasts an 80 MHz CPU, up to 128 kB of flash memory, and 32 kB SRAM. These microcontrollers are affordable and offer a wide range of features suitable for various applications.

Vinay Agarwal, Vice President and General Manager of MSP Microcontrollers at Texas Instruments, talked us through the new range, with a few examples uses, and gave us a preview of the software they provide for fast prototyping and easy setup.

Scalability is a significant concern for embedded engineers when working on designs. They must decide whether they are designing a specific product or a product family or platform. The family of products must have different compute options, memory options, peripheral options, and package options to choose from, and the Texas Instruments microcontroller family appears to offer complete scalability in this respect.

The ease of design is also essential to embedded designers. People care about the software and how quickly it ramps up. With these microcontrollers, you get a lot of tools, software support with a graphic user interface, and everything else that is required to make the design process easy for engineers. The affordability of the end product is also a key consideration, and Vinay explained that with this microcontroller family, Texas Instruments has tried to make it extremely affordable. 

Everything on show at Embedded World is already available for purchase, and there are dev kits for both variants of the chip. Find out more by reading the press release, visiting the main MSPM0 splash page, or getting a development kit for the new chips.

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