The Innovative Optical Theremin: A DIY Musical Marvel

The Noise-at Optical Theremin, from Zeppelin design labs, stands out with its unique approach to sound creation. Unlike traditional theremins, which rely on radio frequency interference, this model uses light sensors and integrated circuits (ICs) to modulate sound, offering an accessible and innovative experience.


The Noise-at Optical Theremin kit un-boxed in all its glory

Designed for Accessibility and Education

Notably, the Noise-at Optical Theremin is designed with ease of assembly in mind. It features a printed circuit board (PCB) with pre-attached surface-mount device (SMD) components, simplifying construction. Users can focus on through-hole components, making it an excellent project for beginners and young learners.

Zeppelin Design Labs has gone the extra mile by providing comprehensive assembly instructions. The included PDF guide is exceptionally well-crafted, offering clear, step-by-step instructions and helpful diagrams. This attention to detail ensures an enjoyable and educational assembly process.

Watch Ian discuss the handheld Optical Theremin in this episode of The Electromaker Show

Versatile and Portable

The kit allows for flexibility in power sources, accommodating either a 9V battery or a DC jack. Additionally, it includes an audio output for external amplification and an inbuilt speaker for standalone use. This versatility adds to its appeal as a portable and adaptable instrument.

Sound Options and Quality

Users can choose between sine and square waveforms, providing varied sound textures. The quality of sound produced is remarkable, considering the kit's DIY nature, offering a delightful wibbly-wobbly synthesizer experience.

Noisette Optical Theremin KitWatch the Noisette Optical Theremin Kit in action!

A Gift of Creativity and Learning

The Noise-at Optical Theremin is more than just a musical instrument; it's a gateway to understanding electronics and sound synthesis. Its simplicity and educational value make it an excellent gift for anyone interested in music, electronics, or DIY projects! If you want to learn more about the other products that  Zeppelin design labs offers then visit the Zeppelin design labs website.


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